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2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ALDAC 206 - Chemical Dependency Group Counseling

3 CR

Examines psycho-educational dynamics, models, techniques and theories of group counseling with alcoholic and drug addicted individuals. Includes practice and development of group counseling skills.

Prerequisite(s): ALDAC 106  and permission of program director.

Course Outcomes
  • Describe variety of culturally appropriate models and strategies for group counseling clients with substance use disorders
  • Demonstrate the ability to form group by determining size type and purpose of group; establishing criteria for entrance into group; establishing group goals and ground rules for behavior; identifying outcomes; and determining criteria and methods for client termination and/or graduation
  • Describe and summarize client behavior in group for the purpose of documenting client’s progress
  • Demonstrate the ability to shift focus of group when process and content are not consistent with group meeting goals
  • Describe variety of dynamic processes group experience as new members join and old members exit group

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