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2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ASL& 222 - American Sign Language V

5 CR

Continues ASL 221  (prev ASL 201). Students increase their understanding of ASL grammar, expand vocabulary, and improve productive and receptive language skills within a cultural context.

Prerequisite(s): ASL 221  (prev ASL 201) with a C- or better or permission of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Transcribe Signed sentences at an intermediate level
  • Read and understand Glossed ASL sentences at an intermediate level
  • Identify, define and give examples of basic linguistic properties of American Sign Language.
  • Identify and explain the social relevance and substrates of Stokoe Notation.
  • Identify and explain historical events, and agents pursuant to the development of American Sign Language.
  • Engage in culturally appropriate, signed conversations using intricate description, of rules, accidents, objects, meanings, and abstract concepts
  • Engage in culturally appropriate, signed conversations about activities, plans, opinions, and feelings.
  • Demonstrate vocabulary and grammatical acumen to engage in various conversations about various items, activities, plans, opinions, and feelings, and to identify and explain the cultural values that shape the norms of Deaf conversation and behavior related to these topics.
  • Produce and understand Element, Locative, Descriptive, and Instrument classifiers.
  • Produce and understand a variety of mouth morphemes, and non-manual markers
  • Express and understand grammatical properties of temporal sequencing, and temporal aspect related to time signs with durative aspect.
  • Direct and maintain attention, control the pace of a conversation, and resume suspended conversation in ways consistent with cultural norms of American Deaf culture.
  • Understand and appropriately respond to a wide variety of signing styles and registers common in American Deaf culture.
  • Identify, explain, and effectively apply the topic-comment structure, and supporting non-manual grammatical signals.
  • Produce and understand advanced numbers in ASL.

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