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2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH& 235 - Cross-Cultural Medicine

5 CR

Everyone gets sick at some point in their lives, but how this sickness is viewed and treated is a cultural phenomenon. View health, disease, sickness, and healing from a global lens through the consideration of biology, culture, and political and economic systems. Knowledge of the rapidly expanding field of medical anthropology is essential for future health practitioners for competency in dealing with diverse patients.

Recommended: ANTH 100 .
Course Outcomes
  • Define the role of medical anthropology in cross-cultural studies of health and outline methods of study for cross-cultural health practices.
  • Compare and contrast cross-culturally the definition of health, sickness and healing and the role of health practitioners.
  • Analyze the relationship between biology, culture and social factors and their influences on health.
  • Explain cultural adaptations to changing environments and how these variable impacts health.
  • Critique global cultural and social patterns that affect epidemiology.

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