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2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog
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ART 112* - Three-Dimensional Design

5 CR

Introduces use of the third dimension in design. Students work with wood, metal, etc., to create objects using mass, space, time, and light. Requires additional lab time outside class.

Recommended: ART 110   and ART 111 .
Course Outcomes
  • Conceptualization; How does one-form ideas. The creative process, originality and sources.
  • Design; Ideas becoming physical. The student will have the experience of the four basic elements of : mass, space, time, and light.
  • Craftsmanship; The student will have the experience of working with a variety of materials. In this process the student will learn the safe operation of the tools needed to complete the task.
  • Research; The student will learn the importance of cocumentation of the creative process.
  • Students will develop attitudes toward creative activity that will be useful regardless of their future professions.
  • Students will develop vocabulary, both visual and verbal to serve as the basis for constructive criticism and exchange of ideas.
  • To establish a starting point for the student’s exploration into designing in three dimensions.

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