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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BIOL& 241 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

6 CR

Introduces the structure and function of tissues, organs, and systems of the human body. Both BIOL& 241 and BIOL 242  are needed for a complete study of the anatomy and physiology of all human systems.

Prerequisite(s): BIOL 160  or BIOL 211  with a C or better.

Course Outcomes
  • Identify the components of the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems and describe their location in anatomical terms.
  • Recognize and describe the relationship between the anatomical structure of an organ and how it correlates to its function.
  • Observe and describe differences in tissue types to predict their role in the normal structure and functioning of an organ.
  • Explain the principle of homeostasis and the use of feedback loops to control physiological systems, and how an inability to maintain homeostasis can lead to disease.
  • Use appropriate terminology to effectively communicate information related to anatomy and physiology.

GenEd Outcomes: Connections
  • Natural Systems (Science and the Natural World)

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