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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BATECH 161 - Business Software Essentials

5 CR

Previously BTS 161
Introduces personal computer and business software in a Windows based environment. Includes file management strategies, personal computing tools, internet navigation, effective business document design, spreadsheet analysis and design and a survey of fundamental software used in a typical business environment. Projects include design and creation of a file management plan, and fundamental interactive spreadsheets.

Recommended: BATECH 104  or equivalent keyboarding experience.
Course Outcomes
  • Identify and select the appropriate software tool to solve business problems and achieve needs.
  • Navigate the web and utilize online communication and collaboration tools to research and solve problems.
  • Create and manage files in a Windows environment.
  • Apply strategies to create an efficient work flow while working with computers and software.
  • Understand and identify the various basic components of a computer system.
  • Define general word processing, spreadsheet, and other common concepts and terminology.
  • Publish documents to print, electronic and online mediums.
  • Design, create and format a variety of business documents, including business letters, newsletters, business correspondence, business plans, flyers, spreadsheets, presentations, budgets, charts, and database reports and tracking.
  • Research resources to solve problems independently

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