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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog
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MUSC 140* - First-Year Private Instruction I

1 CR

Provides one-on-one instruction on a variety of instruments or voice from beginning to advanced levels. Instruction must be provided by an approved teacher with at least one 30 to 45 minute lesson per week. Private lesson fee is added to normal college fees. May be repeated for a maximum of ~ 3 credits in three quarters.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of program chair.

Course Outcomes
  • Perform a “Skills Set and Performance Level Inventory”.
  • Design a course of study that is followed throughout the quarter.
  • Organize their time to attend a 30 minute long lesson on a weekly basis (8 lessons is the minimum to earn credit for the course)
  • Develop and implement a practice routine that provides for consistent growth and preparation of the materials worked on in each lesson.
  • Discuss the implications of the role of taking private lessons and developing practice habits that might play a role in their future involvement in music.
  • Perform and/or discuss the intent of exercises designed to improve tone quality, intonation, technical mastery of their instrument or voice. Discuss the student’s musical growth as a result of the exercises
  • Demonstrate a growth in their ability to read music.
  • Demonstrate growth in their ability to interpret music through the performance and/or discussion of such concepts as musical dynamics, phrasing and expression, rhythmic feel, articulation and other idioms assigned by the teacher.
  • Demonstrate proper performance skills through the preparation and presentation of a representative piece of music.

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