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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog
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MUSC 200* - Concert Choir II

1-3 CR

Offers performance opportunities for student singers who have completed three quarters of MUSC 100 . Students gain understanding and skills essential to group and choral singing. Requires 5 hours of rehearsal per week plus scheduled outside rehearsals and performances. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor, upon audition for ensemble.

Course Outcomes
  • Improve individual singing.
  • Improve aural skills.
  • Participate thoughtfully and actively in the choral rehearsal.
  • Study, rehearse and perform in public a variety of choral repertoire.
  • Perform and explain musical styles of different historical and cultural origins.
  • Actively advocate for music in society.

GenEd Outcomes: Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Aesthetic Awareness

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