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Information Systems, AAS-T

The Information Systems degree includes concentrations for students interested in software development or business intelligence. Students also take general education courses. The degree prepares graduates for entry-level developer/analyst positions and for continuation to a Baccalaureate institution. Certificates of Accomplishment and Achievement in Introductory .NET Programming, Programming for Web Development, Database Report Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Intermediate Applications Developer, Introductory C++ Programming, and Database Analyst may be applied toward the degree. For more information, check program’s website.

Learning Outcomes

Degree recipients should possess the skills & abilities described below:

  • Communicate effectively in the three areas of listening, writing and speaking
  • Apply critical thinking and logical research to technological problems in their area of concentration
  • Create stored procedures, triggers and cursors using an appropriate database server programming language
  • Use common relational database terminology and normalization to design a relational database

Business Analyst Track

  • Identify appropriate business analysis tasks for a variety of organizational scenarios using appropriate terminology
  • Document the results of various business analysis tasks using generally acceptable approaches
  • Communicate within a small group using appropriate business analysis terminology and techniques
  • Detail business analysis techniques to real-world scenarios/tasks by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each

Software Development Track

  • Using .NET compliant programming languages, write, compile, debug and execute well engineered and maintainable programs that effectively meet the requirements for Web and/or Windows applications
  • Explain and apply the necessary processes, tools and skills used in the systems analysis and system design phases of a project
  • Create and utilize relational databases, including modeling data, developing queries, customizing forms and reports, using code, creating charts and working with graphics

Enrollment Requirements

Technical and math credits must not be more than 5 years old. Math classes more than 5 years old may be accepted based on math placement test results (see Program Advisor).


Course NameCRTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
BUSIT 103 - SQL Fundamentals 5 CR
CMST 250 - Communication in a Diverse Workplace 5 CR
DBA 130 - Database Theory 5 CR
ENGL& 101 - English Composition I 5 CR
IT 103 - Networking Basics 5 CR
PROG 109 - Introduction to Web Development 5 CR
PROG 140 - SQL & Relational Database Programming 5 CR
PROG 160 - Systems Analysis & Design 5 CR


Choose 5 credits from the following:

Course NameCRTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENGL 201 - The Research Paper 5 CR
ENGL& 235 - Technical Writing 5 CR

Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities

Choose one from the following:

Course NameCRTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
PHYS 109 - Science for Information Technology 6 CR
  • Any lab science from AAS-DTA list 5-6 CR
  • Choose One Track From the Following:


    Course NameCRTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
    BUS& 101 - Introduction to Business 5 CR
    BUSIT 105 - Introduction to Business Intelligence 5 CR
    BUSIT 150 - Introduction to Business Analysis 5 CR
    BUSIT 250 - Applying Business Analysis Techniques 5 CR
    MATH 130 - Introduction to Statistics 5 CR
    PROG 108 - Introduction to Scripting 5 CR
  • Program Approved Electives  - choose 10 CR from the following options:
  • MATH 138 - College Algebra for Business & Social Science 

    BUS 120 - Organizational Behavior 

    BUS 241 - Multicultural Business Consulting 

    BUS& 201 - Business Law 

    ACCT 225 - Survey of Financial and Managerial Accounting 

    ACCT 102 - Practical Accounting II 

    ACCT& 201 - Principles of Accounting I 

    MKTG 262 - Measurement and Analytics 

    BUSIT 115 - Data Mining I 

    BUSIT 209 - Data Visualization 

    PROG 120 - Object Oriented Programming Concepts 

    PROG 175 - Database Reporting 

    PROG 209 - Client-Side Web Programming I 

    ​NOTE: Preparation for BAS Data Management and Analysis, Business Intelligence concentration requires MATH 138.


    Course NameCRTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
    IT 223 - Using & Supporting Linux 5 CR
  • MATH 138 - College Algebra for Business & Social Science  or higher 5 CR
  • PROG 110 - Introduction to Programming 5 CR
    PROG 120 - Object Oriented Programming Concepts 5 CR
    PROG 123 - Server Side Web Development 5 CR
  • Any 200-level Social Science 5 CR
  • Program Approved Electives: select one set from the options below 10 CR
  • PROG 111 - Introduction to C++ Programming and PROG 113 - Intermediate C++ Programming 

    PROG 209 - Client-Side Web Programming I and PROG 272 - Implementing a Mobile Solution 

    CS 210 - Fundamentals of Computer Science I and CS 211 - Fundamentals of Computer Science II 

    NOTE: Preparation for BAS Information Systems Development, Application Development concentration, requires PROG 209 and PROG 272