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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

First-Year Seminar Requirement for AAS-DTA

Most new Bellevue College students whose primary intent is earning the Associate in Arts & Sciences  (AAS-DTA) degree are required to take a First-Year Seminar (FYS) course.  It is expected that students will take an FYS course in their first quarter because these classes are a great introduction to college and a proven method to boost student success.  They also help students get more out of their college experience.  Students in FYS courses:

  1. Reflect on their strengths, interests, and background, as well as on how they will connect with the BC community.
  2. Identify professional goals and strategies for reaching those goals.
  3. Develop an academic plan that connects with a Bellevue College Pathway and with their professional goals.
  4. Articulate strategies for finding and using academic, social, career, wellness, and financial resources at BC.

Students meet the FYS requirement by taking one of the following options:

Some FYS courses are a general introduction to the college experience, and some are designed specifically for students with particular backgrounds or interests, so there should be many different FYS options to choose from.

Students in the Running Start, Tech Prep, and College in the High School programs do not have to meet the FYS requirement this year.  International students on an I-20 are exempted from the FYS requirement this year.  This exemption is because international students take HD 103, which meets most of the learning outcomes of the FYS requirement. 

Furthermore, students who have demonstrated success in previous college-level coursework may petition to be exempted from the FYS requirement.  Such exemptions are not automatic. The details on the exemption process will be added to this page shortly.

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