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2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 201 - History of Western Art

5 CR

Surveys the history of Western art from prehistoric Europe and the ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, and early Christian through the Middle Ages. Students also learn basic art-historical terms and concepts. Slide lecture format.

Course Outcomes

Students will be able to recognize and identify art monuments from the Ancient World through the Medieval period. Students will know how to apply the visual “Elements of Style” to analyze the physical make up of various sculptures, paintings, architecture and artifacts and recognize various media, materials and techniques. Within each period covered students will use the skills learned in Art History 201 to recognize the defining characteristics of that period. The testing in this (and all Art History classes) proves the student’s ability to recognize and compare and contrast works of art by certain standards usually in an essay format or as part of class discussion. Students will be able to discern quality vs. mediocre work through critical analysis techniques learned in class. Students will be able to use and apply the terminology of the field of Art History. Students will recognize the importance of each piece within its culture and context as well as connecting its importance to their own time. They will recognize the diversity extant in the world of art that makes each major monument worthy of attention, preservation and appreciation.

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