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2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DANCE 201 - Dance Ensemble I

1-5 CR

Emphasizes dance as a performing art form. Students learn in various settings, including a company class, formal and informal improvisation, and solo or small group work. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits.

Prerequisite(s): Audition and permission of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Use intermediate/advanced contemporary and jazz technique, exhibiting principles of proper alignment, phrasing, dynamics and vocabulary
  • Perform challenging dance phrase work and choreography with proper placement, phrasing, dynamics and style Perform a number of choreographic styles with confidence
  • Display artistic expression through movement by using focus, projection and stage presence
  • Create and analyze dance variations which could be developed into choreography
  • Use dance habits of mind, proper dance etiquette and professionalism while working as an ensemble in classes, rehearsals and performances (as outlined in the syllabus)
  • Analyze and critique a dance piece through attending and watching performances

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