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2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DMA 100 - Portfolio and Employment I

2 CR

Introduces students to the digital media industry and leads them though the creation of a personalized pathway for Digital Media Arts degree completion and employment. Students will explore industry trends, standards and expectations, and will complete a self-assessment process resulting in an initial course of study. The importance of portfolios for obtaining employment will be introduced. Required first-quarter course for students entering the DMA degree program. .

Course Outcomes
Describe employment standards and hiring processes in various media production industries. Identify and use resources regarding trends and hiring expectations in their area of discipline. Analyze professional publications and separate objective, factual information from company/author opinion. Synthesize information from multiple sources to evaluate industry trends. Identify personal learning styles and employment goals. Articulate learning pathways though the DMA degree course of study. Identify a personal pathway for degree completion and employment preparation. Provide a plan for on-going self-assessment in terms of learning success and employment preparation.

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