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2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ALDAC 125 - Chemical Dependency Assessment and Diagnosis

2 CR

Provides diagnostic skills required to accurately assess an individual’s use, abuse or dependence on psychoactive substances. Includes assessment standards for evaluating severity of substance dependence on life functioning and patient placement in the continuum of care.

Prerequisite(s): ALDAC 100 , ALDAC 102 , ALDAC 103 , and HSSA 101  and permission of program director.

Course Outcomes
  • Identify the diagnostic differences between psychoactive substance use, abuse and dependence
  • Utilize various diagnostic tools and strategies for assessing and individual’s use of psychoactive substances
  • Understand legal issues and requirements for court ordered assessments and clinical evaluations
  • Identify how confidentiality law applies to patient disclosures during the assessment process
  • Utilize ASAM patient placement criteria including effects of psychoactive substance use on the six dimensions of life functioning
  • Understand the similarities and differences between treatment levels identified in the continuum of care.

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