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2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ALDAC 250 - CD: Services, Professionalism and Self-Care


This class is designed to provide a forum for comprehensive demonstrations of knowledge, skills and attitudes of professional practice in the field of addiction treatment. Students will complete an all-inclusive review and demonstration of the principles and philosophies learned in the Alcohol/Drug Counseling Program in preparation for careers as Chemical Dependency Professionals.  22 44

Recommended: ALDAC 105  
Prerequisite(s): ALDAC 206 , ALDAC 225 , ALDAC 230  

Course Outcomes
  • Identify chemical dependency treatment agency services, philosophies, and missions.
  • Illustrate a variety of chemical dependency treatment services, modalities, and approaches to treatment.
  • Demonstrate the basic principles of professionalism in the field of chemical dependency treatment.
  • Develop a marketing plan including professional portfolio with CDPT training plan, resume, and completion of the NAADAC licensing exam
  • Implement a pragmatic professional self-care plan
  • Utilize wholistic design and self-reflective processes to complete work oriented projects
  • Be prepared to complete the NAADAC licensing exam

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