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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ELIUP 061 - Integrated Skills IV

4-5 CR

Course emphasizes academic writing skills, including formal instruction in sentence level expression (grammar). Assigned writing tasks are varied with an emphasis on timed writing and revision. Course is linked with ELIUP 062 .

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance to the ELI program.

Course Outcomes

  • Write a variety of sentence types with correct grammar.
  • Use the writing process from brainstorming to final draft.
  • Determine the purpose of an essay and write it accordingly.
  • Focus an essay with a clear thesis statement and topic sentences.
  • Make a point and support it with relevant ideas and specific details.
  • Paraphrase and summarize written material accurately.
  • Proofread and edit written work.
  • Write sentence or short paragraph answers to test questions.

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