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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FRCH 231 - Language & Culture Immersion-Basic 2nd Yr French

5 CR

Gives a student with a general understanding of spoken and written functional language (intermediary) the opportunity to expand and perfect their oral and written command of intermediate French in daily situations.

Course Outcomes
  • show in writing & speech improved ability to relate, argue, compare, convince; 
  • use specific vocabulary to describe in more detail;
  • make hypotheses, express desires, give orders and quantities;
  • express opinions, cause and effect;
  • use synonyms/antonyms, all personal pronouns, the passive; 
  • make socio-cultural observations on French life & history, or note differences with American culture; 
  • listen to songs, oral texts; read extracts of longer texts;
  • take dictation, write resumes of short texts, use internet for research, discuss film & video, etc.
  • as demonstrated by submitting a portfolio to BCC for final evaluation which will include:
  • a journal, written in French, of all activities on a daily, bi-weekly, or other regular basis;
  • a notebook of daily class activities including periodic evaluation results and written work;
  • verification of attendance and final evaluation of host institution, submitted separately to BCC by approved host institution;
  • results of exit interview conducted in French by BCC instructor.

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