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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HD 173 - Career Exploration

1-5 CR

Presents concepts and skills relating to career planning. Topics include self-assessment (interests, personality, and skills inventory), values, and learning styles; relating careers to educational and training options; researching jobs and careers; and decision-making and goal setting.

Course Outcomes
  • To increase understanding and knowledge of personal interests, values and skills, and how they relate to career and life choices or To analyze your (a) Personality Orientation, (b) Interests, and (c) Skills/Abilities and how they relate to a career choice
  • To become familiar with the primary sources of occupational information and learn how to apply the knowledge in your career and life decision making
  • To identify what it might take to experience personal satisfaction and fulfillment within and outside of your career
  • To learn how to utilize and access resources on the internet
  • To develop a plan of action that includes short and long term goals in regards to education, life and career planning
  • To analyze the implications for you of changing workplace demographics—for example, more women, minorities, older people
  • To analyze the job market projection in your area(s) of interest and how it fits your plans
  • To gain awareness of potential workplace bias related to: gender, race, class, abilities, etc.

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