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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ECED& 134 - Family Child Care Management

3 CR

Learn how to manage a family child care program. Topics include: licensing requirements, record-keeping, relationship building, communication strategies, guiding behavior, and promoting growth and development.

Recommended: Recommended: ECED 105  
Course Outcomes
  • Describe strategies for complying with Family Childcare Minimum Licensing Requirements. 
  • Describe strategies for meeting the developmental needs and guiding the behavior of children in multi-age groups. 
  • Identify strategies for family child care business management including tax planning and record-keeping. 
  • Create written documents, such as a contract and policy handbook, that facilitate communication between the provider and the families. 
  • Develop strategies for creating reciprocal, culturally responsive relationships with families. 
  • Articulate knowledge and skills that define Family Childcare Providers as professionals. 

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