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2020-21 Catalog 
2020-21 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

About Bellevue College

Vision, Values, Mission, Core Themes

Policy 1200, updated by the Board of Trustees, June 2018


Bellevue College is the region’s college of choice, based on its excellence, innovation, and national recognition for exemplary programs.


We, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and administration of Bellevue College, place students at the center of all we do and support and promote the excellence of their efforts. We affirm and embody pluralism; value collaboration and shared decision making; and honor creativity and innovation. We consider it our duty to anticipate changing demands in education and welcome the opportunity to shape its future. We acknowledge our responsibility to society and embrace the belief that widespread access to excellent post secondary education is the cornerstone of a democratic society.


Bellevue College is a student-centered, comprehensive and innovative college, committed to teaching excellence, that advances the life-long educational development of its students while strengthening the economic, social and cultural life of its diverse community. The college promotes student success by providing high-quality, flexible, accessible educational programs and services; advancing pluralism, inclusion and global awareness; and acting as a catalyst and collaborator for a vibrant region.

Core Themes

Student Success

BC supports the success of all students in meeting their educational goals through its commitments to open access learning; to offer a portfolio of appropriate and well-chosen educational programs, services, and activities; and to its ongoing attention to student persistence and educational attainment.

Teaching and Learning Excellence

BC prepares and enables excellence in teaching and learning through its commitments to ensure relevance, responsiveness, and inclusiveness of curriculum; to maintain an effective teaching environment by supporting the teaching and professional achievement of all faculty; to provide for the accessibility of quality learning support services; and to monitor the academic and professional success of all students.

College Life and Culture

BC values a learning and working environment through its commitments to support a campus environment that is diverse, inclusive, open, safe, and accessible; to model a college community that affirms and embodies pluralism and values collaboration and shared decision making; and to honor and practice sustainability, creativity and innovation.

Community Engagement and Enrichment

BC strives to be a leader and partner in building a strong and vibrant region through its commitments to collaborate with businesses, industries, local school districts, primary transfer institutions, alumni, donors, and governmental and social services organizations to develop and refine educational programs that prepare individuals for academic success, employment, and lifelong learning; and to provide programs and space for use by the community at large.


Bellevue College is accredited as an associate and bachelor degree-granting institution by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. This accreditation was most recently reaffirmed in 2012. The next reaffirmation is expected to occur after June 19, 2019, when a Year Seven comprehensive visit is completed.

The accrediting body is located at:

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
8060 165th Avenue NE, Suite 100
Redmond, Washington 98052-3981

State Approving Agency

Selected programs of study at Bellevue College are approved by the Washington State Achievement Council (WSAC) for enrollment of those eligible to receive benefits under Title 38 and Title 10, USC.

Equal Opportunity in Education and Employment

Bellevue College is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educational institution in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Bellevue College does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity; creed; color; national origin; sex; marital status; sexual orientation; age; religion; genetic information; the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability; or veteran status in educational programs and activities which it operates. Bellevue College is prohibited from discriminating in such a manner by college policy and by state and federal law. All college personnel and persons, vendors, and organizations with whom the college does business are required to comply with applicable federal and state statutes and regulations designed to promote affirmative action and equal opportunity.

Please see policy 4150 at The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies: Title IX Coordinator, 425-564-2641, Office C227, and EEOC/504 Compliance Officer, 425-564-2266, Office R130.

To file a complaint visit

Student Right-to-Know Act

The Student Right-to-Know Act requires that institutions receiving Title IV funding disclose specific information about the college. Federal Graduation Rate Survey Information for Bellevue College (status of Fall 2013 cohort):

  • Combined transfer out/completion/graduation (within 150% normal time): 44.2%
  • GRS completion or graduation rate (within 150% normal time): 26.7%
  • GRS transfer-out rate (non-completers only within 150% normal time): 17.4%
  • Transfer out rate (completers and non-completers): 29.7%
  • GRS completion or graduation rate (within 8 years: Fall 2011 cohort): 37.8%
  • Students still enrolled after four years: 16.0%

For information on other Student Right-to-Know topics, visit our website at

Information on Policies

The Bellevue College website is the gateway to an enormous amount of information about student life at Bellevue College. Academic, enrollment and graduation, and tuition information are among the many topics you may find helpful. In addition, there is information about our wide array of Student Affairs services, including advising, counseling, veterans’ assistance, and financial aid.

Policies and procedures that students need to know can also be found on the website. These include policies about academic standards, withdrawing from classes, behavior expectations and discipline procedures. BC policies and procedures are subject to revision without notice. For current information on policies, visit

Limitation of Liability

The college’s total liability for claims arising from a contractual relationship with the student in any way related to classes or programs shall be limited to the tuition and expenses paid by the student to the college for those classes or programs. In no event shall the college be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of earnings or profits.