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2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate in Business, AB-DTA/MRP

Important Notes and Conditions

  • Total 90 Applicable College Level Credits
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA 2.0 Required
  • A course cannot be credited toward more than one distribution or skill area
  • The Ɨ numbers below are shared (cross listed) courses with other departments. These courses can count only once for credit [Example: PHIL 201  is same as POLS 201  and may only count as PHIL or POLS]. Consult course catalog or meet with an advisor.
  • “P” grade is not allowed. Check with your intended transfer university for minimum grade requirements.
  • Universities may have other specific admission requirements in addition to those of the transfer degree.
  • In addition to the online catalog format, a two-page PDF worksheet is also available.

Written Communication: 10 CR

(See note # 1 )
Complete both groups with minimum grade of C


Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning: 5 CR

Complete one from the following with minimum grade of C:


(see Natural Sciences  for second math requirement of Calculus)


Humanities: 15 CR

(see note #2  and #3 )

Maximum 5 credits can be a performance/skills course (indicated by *)

Students cannot apply more than 5 credits of a foreign language at 100-level to Humanities distribution.

Choose three different subjects from the following:




Social Sciences: 20 CR

Complete both groups A and B:

Group A:

Choose two different subjects from the following:

Group B:

Complete both courses with a minimum grade of C


Natural Sciences: 15-16 CR

(see note # 4 )
Complete both groups A and B:

Group A:

Complete one from the following with minimum grade of C:


Group B:

One course with a lab component (indicated by “L”).

Choose two different subjects from the following:


Business Core Coursework: 25 CR

(see note # 5 )

Additional courses may be required per specific university. (See note #6 )

Complete all of the following courses with minimum grade of C


Notes 1 through 6: Specific University Requirements

See business advisor for any questions or further information.

  1. To meet current EWU requirements, the second English Composition course must be equivalent to EWU’s ENGL 201  - College Composition: Analysis, Research, and Documentation
  2. Students intending the international business major should consult their potential transfer institutions regarding the level of world language required for admission to the major. Five (5) credits in world languages may apply to the Humanities requirement.
  3. Students are encouraged to include a speech or oral communication course (not small group communication.)
  4. Students intending the manufacturing management major at WWU should consult WWU regarding the selection of natural science courses required for admission to the major.
  5. International students who completed a business law course specific to their home country must take a business law course at a U.S. institution in order to demonstrate proficiency in U.S. business law.
  6. Five institutions have requirements for admission to the major that go beyond those specified above. Students can meet these requirements by careful selection of the elective University Course Equivalent to:
University: Course Equivalent to:
WSU (all campuses): Management Information Systems MIS 250
Gonzaga: Management Information Systems BMIS 235
PLU: Computer applications CSCE 120, either an equivalent course or skills test
SPU: Spreadsheets BUS 1700, either an equivalent course or skills test
WWU: Introduction to Business Computer Systems MIS 220

Cultural Diversity Requirement

This degree has a set of BC General Education requirements including Cultural Diversity. Please choose one course to meet the Cultural Diversity Requirement. For approved courses visit www.bellevuecollege.edu/programs/degrees/culturaldiversity/.

Academic Advising

Call (425) 564-2212 or go to: www.bellevuecollege.edu/advising/