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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Other Educational Opportunities

Bellevue College offers many educational opportunities distinct from our traditional credit programs. From noncredit Continuing Education courses to college credit opportunities for high school students, BC is truly a community resource with something to offer people from all age groups and backgrounds.

The Center for Career Connections & the Women’s Career Connections Program

In addition to student support (see Student Support Services ), BC’s Center for Career Connections and the Women’s Career Connections Program offer credit and noncredit classes and workshops to help with career and life planning, job-search strategies, connections to professionals, and hands-on work opportunities. Please call (425) 564-2279, or go to www.bellevuecollege.edu/careers/ for more information.

Continuing Education Division Programs

Bellevue College is the most comprehensive provider of continuing education courses in Washington State. These non-degree classes and workshops range from professional development and career enhancement to personal enrichment. Courses vary in length from one day to 10 weeks and are located at our North Campus, 14673 NE 29th Place.

BC Continuing Education also offers a number of professional certificate programs in areas that include technology, business and design.

  • Earn a certificate in as few as 6 months
  • No application process
  • Start any time you like
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Day, evening and weekend classes

To receive a current course schedule, call (425) 564-2263 or visit www.bellevuecollege.edu/ce/.

Arts & Design

Turn your creativity into a career with our certificate program in Graphic Design or expand your creative horizons with a course in the visual, literary, performing, or craft arts. Classes are offered for novices, as well as the seasoned professional.

Business & Professional Programs

Obtain the skills you need to remain professionally current and competitive. Take advantage of more than 150 different courses in areas such as project management, accounting, small business development, management, technical and business communication, writing, marketing, real estate, leadership and career planning.

Certificate programs are available in project management, human resources management, and technical writing. Courses focus on the skills most in demand by employers today. The department is a registered education provider with both the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM®).

Business Training Institute

The Business Training Institute is a regional leader in providing customized training for the business community. We offer high-quality instruction with a convenient and scalable training approach, tailored to suit virtually any business need. Offerings include both credit and noncredit classes which can be flexibly administered on-site at your place of business or at one of our campuses. Common training requests include project management, MS Office applications, business communications, introductory and advanced programming languages, leadership and development. For further information, contact (425) 564-2892 or biztrain@bellevuecollege.edu.

Computers & Technology

Choose from hundreds of course offerings focused on current software and information technology. Courses are offered for all levels of skills and interest, from cautious beginners to proficient technical specialists. Courses are taught in comfortable, state-of-the-art classrooms, and include: introductory courses, business applications, graphics and publishing, Web design and development, programming,
networking, Windows, software testing and quality assurance, and database development and management. Using computers that meet industry standards and a staff of trainers drawn from local consulting firms and industry, BC offers students training opportunities six days a week. In addition, computer space is available for students to pursue studies, homework, and technical issues outside of class. The training empowers adult learners to use technology to meet business, personal, and professional goals.

Personal Enrichment

Personal enrichment courses offer you the opportunity to explore new interests or develop current passions. Choose from a variety of courses ranging from cooking and fitness to finance and personal growth. Whatever your interest, there is a class for you.

Summer Program for Teens

The Bellevue College Summer Program for Teens offers a great way to learn and have fun. The classes are designed for 12-17 year olds, and are taught by experienced instructors. Class times and days vary, but most run halfdays for one week, so teens can experience multiple classes throughout the summer. Classes are offered in academic achievement, technology, the arts, languages, and recreation. Get class
information at www.bellevuecollege.edu/ce/ or call (425) 564-2263.

Telos – Educational Programs for Retirees

Telos is Bellevue College’s program for retirees, offering opportunities and challenges for continued learning, personal growth, and new friendships. The program is designed to fit the lifestyles and interests of retirees. The quarterly cultural enrichment classes cover a variety of subjects. Weekly classes are for personal enrichment and are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. For information, call (425) 564-4400 or
go to www.bellevuecollege.edu/ce/.

Testing Center (at North Campus)

The Bellevue College Testing Center is a state-of-the-art facility offering 19” flat-screen monitors and a comfortable test environment. The Testing Center is a Pearson VUE, Certiport, and Kryterion authorized test site. authorized testing center, providing certification testing for industry professionals such as Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associate, and Cisco Certified Network Associate exams. In addition, exam proctoring services are available for testers seeking to complete exams through their secondary school, college, university, employer, or a government agency. For further information, contact (425) 564-4006 or bcproctor@bellevuecollege.edu.

World Languages Institute

Continuing Education offers instruction in over 15 languages, including American Sign Language. Classes on world cultures, international business practices, and travel are also available. The evening certificate program in Translation & Interpretation helps prepare bilingual students for a career in translation, interpreting, or a related applied linguistics field.


Bellevue College eLearning opportunities are designed to provide online and hybrid college credit classes for students whose educational opportunities are limited by time or distance constraints. Online class listings are located at www.bellevuecollege.edu/classes/. Select the online class format option. While no on-campus attendance is required for online classes, some online classes have mid-terms and final
exams which can be completed during the instructor-led session at Bellevue College or with an instructor-approved proctor. Another learning option is the hybrid format class, which is a combination of online and on-campus learning. Transfer degrees and professional/technical certificates can be earned solely through eLearning courses. The cost per credit hour is the same as other state resident BC credit courses, plus additional per-course fees, where applicable. There is a $10.50 fee per credit up to 5 credits for online classes. More information about Bellevue College’s eLearning program can be found at

Information for Out-of-State Students

Bellevue College is authorized to provide online courses and degrees to students in nearly all states. except Kentucky, Delaware, and the territory of Puerto Rico. If you reside in one of these states, we will not be able to accept your application. Please note, some states may have restrictions for certain programs that include internships, externships, clinicals and practicums. Please See www.bellevuecollege.edu/elearning/out-of-state/ for information specific to your state.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (within the Arts and Humanities Division) offers credit classes and noncredit training to non-native speakers of English, including international students, through the following departments and programs:

University Preparation/Intensive English as a Second Language

This 20 hour per week intensive English program prepares international students and non-native speakers to successfully enter American colleges and universities. Both full-time and part-time studies are available. Full-time study in the program qualifies students for an F-1 student visa.

Bridge Program

Bridge is a quarter-long program that combines one advance ESL class (9 credits) and a 5-credit college class to help students develop the variety of skills they will need to succeed in an American college.
Students must meet the international admissions requirements including the English proficiency level defined by OIEGI to enter this program.

The International Business Professions (IBP) Program

IBP is a full-time, one-year (four quarters) program that starts in fall and spring for international students interested in upgrading their business and English skills by taking a combination of English, Business, and college-level classes. The program offers two tracks. Track A students take combination of intensive English and IBP courses and prepares for a Service Learning course in the final (4th) quarter. Track
B is a college level program. Students must meet the required English language proficiency level defined by OIEGI and take full-time (at least 12 credits) college-level courses during the first three quarters. These students will also engage in an experiential learning course in the final (4th) quarter. Upon successful completion of the IBP program, students will receive a completion note on their transcript. For more information, please visit the OIEGI website.

Short-Term Customized Programs

Bellevue College works with partner schools or licensed agencies to develop and deliver a short-term customized program for students wishing to enhance their general English skills and experience rich, diverse northwest culture firsthand.

Community Programs

These programs offer a wide variety of English as a second language courses to adults at beginning through advanced levels each quarter.

Center for High School Programs

Career Education Options (CEO)

The CEO Program is designed for students aged 16 – 20, without a high school diploma, to receive an education at Bellevue College. CEO offers support for tuition, fees and books, while working towards a GED, High School Diploma, professional/technical degree or an AAS Transfer degree at BC. This program provides students with a second chance at their education and the tools necessary to succeed in the college environment. For more information call (425) 564-2026.

College in the High School

High school students may earn both high school and college credit by taking courses through the College in High School program coordinated by high schools and colleges. Students take these credits at their own high school. They may choose to pay a fee to co-enroll in the equivalent class at college. Information is available through the high schools in the area.

High School Diploma

The Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges has passed a bill, effective July 2009, expanding options for students to earn high school diplomas. The bill allows students who earn an associate degree at a Washington State community or technical college to request a high school diploma from the college. According to the State’s policy, Bellevue College may issue a high school diploma to
students who complete an associate degree of any type if the student is 21 years and older or has been a Running Start student at any time prior to earning the diploma. For more information about this option, visit https://www.sbctc.edu/becoming-a-student/basic-education/hs-diploma-student.aspx. To request a high school diploma, students must submit an application to the Evaluations/Graduation Office according to the graduation application deadline and pay the same non-refundable application fee.

High School Summer Enrichment

This program is available in the summer for students who are 16-17 years old and still in high school, regardless of grade level. Enrichment students choose this option to enhance their high school curriculum by taking more challenging, college-level classes. A BC assessment is required to gain admission, as well as approval from a high school official and attendance at mandatory orientation. Call (425) 564-2026 or visit http://www.bellevuecollege.edu/summerenrichment/ for more information, including dates and deadlines.

High School Completion

High School Completion(HSC) courses in the Basic Studies program consist of high school-level English, Math, and GED Preparation. The HSC program offers day, evening, and Saturday classes to adults who are preparing to take the GED exams and/or transition to college-level coursework. Students must complete a one-week Orientation class to determine appropriate placement into the program. Substantial and sustained progress is required for continued enrollment. There is a $25 fee per student each quarter. There is a fee waiver available for those who qualify. Come to R230 or call (425) 564-2067 for more information.

Running Start

Running Start is a partnership between BC and local public high schools. Applications are accepted on a quarterly bases online at www.bellevuecollege.edu/runningstart/. To qualify, students must be classified as a junior or senior by the start of the quarter, attend a mandatory new student orientation and demonstrate proficiency in college-level English reading and writing by placing in English 101 through the BC assessment. Qualified students may attend college only or take classes at both the high school and the college. They earn high school and college credit simultaneously for college-level classes. Tuition is paid by the school district based on the combined high school and college credits the State will fund for each student with the limit of 1.2 FTE. The student is responsible for any tuition balance, fees, and
books. For steps to enroll, e-mail chsprograms@bellevuecollege.edu or call (425) 564-2026.

Tech Prep College Connections

Tech Prep is a dual-credit program that enables high school students to earn college credit for certain career and technical education courses taken at their high school. Any high school student may take a Tech Prep course, but only those who successfully complete the course with a “B” grade or higher will earn the college credit. Students must register with our consortium Tech Prep College Connections online at www.techprepcc.org. Contact the BC Tech Prep office at (425) 564-6158 or e-mail techprep@bellevuecollege.edu for more information.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies combines the study of several subjects into one integrated course or “learning community,” usually for 10 or more credits. Each IDS course features a theme that forms a common cross-disciplinary thread. The focus of these courses is YOU. Students learn from and with each other by discussing readings in small groups (seminars), participating in group activities, and, in some courses, by taking field trips. These programs emphasize the process of learning as well as course content. The student-centered, discussion-oriented format supports differing points of view and creates a collaborative
learning environment. For additional information regarding the Interdisciplinary Studies program, visit www.bellevuecollege.edu/ids.

Parent Education & Early Learning

Parent Education classes consist of child-centered early learning classes and adult-centered lectures and discussion groups. There are classes for parent and infants, toddlers and preschool, and elementary age children ranging from one-day-a-week to four day preschools. Classes are located in cities throughout the BC district as well as on our main campus. Initial registration for each school year (September-June) begins in January with continuous registration until classes fill. Please call (425) 564-2365 or visit www.bellevuecollege.edu/parented for program information and to register.

Bellevue College Kids Summer Camp is for children three to five years old. It is held on the BC campus, with each one-week session offering stimulating and fun activities to keep the kids busy and learning. Registration begins each year in late March. For a flyer and registration information, call (425) 564-2365 or visit www.bellevuecollege.edu/parented