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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration and Faculty

Bellevue College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges and Universities of the Northwest of Schools and of Colleges and Universities, 8060 165th Ave. NE, Suite 100, Redmond WA 98052

Board of Trustees of Community College District VIII

Chair: Steve Miller
Vice Chair: Lisa Chin
Member: Richard Fukutaki
Member: Merisa Heu-Weller
Member: Greg Dietzel
Student Trustee: TBF

Administration of Bellevue College (for 2017-2018 Academic Year)

President: Dr. Jerry Weber
Administrative Assistant: Kirsty Haining
Executive Assistant & Board Secretary: TBF
Governance Coordinator: Alice Jenkins

Administrative Services

Vice President: Raymond White
Manager: Kathi Hutchins
Administrative Assistant to VP: TBF
Executive Director, Finance & Auxiliary Services: Jennifer Strother
Executive Director, Procurement Management & Facilities Planning: Dexter Johnson
Director, Bookstore: Kristen Connely
Director, Budget, Grants & Contracts: Kelly Paustain
Director, Early Learning Center: Lisa Miller
Director, Food Services: Todd Juvrud
Director, Office of Sustainability: Amber L. Nicholson
Interim Director, Public Safety: My Tran
Director, Payroll: James Craswell
Director, Campus Operations: Cynthia Gross
Director, Campus Operations: Srividya Ramachandran

Economic & Workforce Development

Vice President: Albert Lewis, Jr.
Administrative Assistant to VP: Terri Tanino
Dean, Continuing Education: TBF
Associate Dean, Occupational Life Skills (OLS) Program: Marci Muhlestein
Associate Dean, Workforce Education: Sarah Gray
Director, Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology: Maureen Majury
Director, Corporate Relations at Business Training Institute, Continuing Education: James Bryan
Director, Grant Development: Bonnie Berry
Director, Marketing, Continuing Education: Gayle C. Solberg
Director, Tech Prep College Connections: Tanya Rettinger
Director, Workforce Education: Yolanda Ibarra
Executive Director, Community Programs: TBF
Executive Director, Operations & Finance, Continuing Education: Christopher Ma

Effectiveness & Strategic Planning

Associate Vice President, Effectiveness & Strategic Planning: TBF
Director, Research and Analysis: Dr. Alec Campbell
Associate Director, Effectiveness & Strategic Planning: Dr. Tracy Biga MacLean

Human Resources

Vice President: Aaron Hilliard
Administrative Assistant to VP: Jewell Evans
HR Generalist: David Hall
HR Generalist: Sallee Hilliard
HR Generalist: Alicia Tarigan
HR Generalist: Beverly Tonda
HR Generalist: Brynn Vrabel

Information Resources

Vice President, Information Tech Services: Russ Beard
Director, Digital Media Services: Richard Otte
Director, Information Tech Services: Eden Lasater
Director, Information Tech Services: Mary Kay Wegner
Director, Infrastructure Team: Rodger Harrison
Director, Technical Support Services: Jason Aqui
Director: Jarka Gurthova
General Manager, College Radio Station KBCS 91.3 FM: Steve Ramsey
Director, Music, College Star KBCS 91.3 FM: Iaan Hughes.
Director, Programs, College Radio Station KBCS 91.3 FM: Patrick Whalen
Associate Director, Member Services, College Radio Station KBCS 91.3 FM: Elizabeth Topping
Associate Director, Operations: TBF

Institutional Advancement

Vice President: Dr. Gayle Colston Barge
Executive Director, BC Foundation: Rebecca Chawgo
Administrative Assistant: Laura Gettleman
Director, Development, BC Foundation: Mareth Flores
Director, Finance & Planned Giving, BC Foundation: Paul Feavel
Director, Marketing: TBF
Associate Director, Development – Annual Giving, BC Foundation: Aimee White
Assistant Director, Development, BC Foundation: Taryn Echert
Associate Director, Public Relations & Communications: Nicole Beattie
Manager, Publications & Communications: Sharon Berg
Manager, Scholarship and Programs, BC Foundation: Lauren Hardin
Senior Graphic Designer: Robyn Bell-Bangerter
Web Editor-in-Chief: James Hoehn


Interim Vice President: Mahalaxmi Gita Bangera
Director, Academic Success Center: Carol T. Grant
Director, Operations: Donna Sullivan
Dean, Library Media Center: Dr. Vivienne McClendon
Associate Dean, Applied Baccalaureate Development: Christopher Bell
Associate Dean: Joyce Carroll
Associate Dean: Dr. Rebecca Cory

Pluralism & Equity

Interim Vice President: Sayumi Irey, Ph. D.
Program Manager: Beabe Akpojovwo
Title IX Coordinator: Rachel Wellman

Student Affairs

Vice President: Ata Karim
DIV Operations Director: Julie Werner
Dean, International Education & Global Initiatives: Jean D’Arc Campbell
Dean, Student Success: Kathleen Hathaway
Dean, Enrollment & Registrar Services: Rae Ellen Reas
Dean, Student Programs: Michael Kaptik
Assistant Dean, Enrollment Services: TBF
Assistant Dean, Student Programs: Faisal Jaswal
Director, Academic Advising: Emily Kolby
Director, Athletics: Jeremy Eggers
Director, Disability Resource Center: Paul Arithi.
Director, Enrollment & Registrar Services: Stephen Downing
Director, Financial Aid: Melanie Ruiz
Director, HSP/CEO: Glen Jackson
Director, Office of International Education & Global Initiatives: Kazumi Hada
Director, Office of International Education & Global Initiatives: Shpresa Halimi
Director, Multicultural Services: Aaron Reader
Director, TRIO Student Support Services: Barbara Brodsky
Interim Associate Director, Enrollment & Register Services: Dawn M Robertson
Assistant Director, Office of International Education & Global Initiatives: Bradley Huggins
Assistant Director, Office of International Education & Global Initiatives: Perri K Schodorf
Assistant Director, Office of International Education & Global Initiatives: Deron Dahlke
Assistant Director, Disability Resource Center: A.J. Duxbury
Assistant Director, Multicultural Services: Henry Amaya
Associate Director, Academic Advising: TBF
Associate Director, Evaluations & Graduation: Nelli Kasparova
Associate Director, Financial Aid: Leslie R Allen
Associate Director, Student Programs: Nora Lance

Arts & Humanities Division

Dean: Dr. Margaret Harada
Assistant Dean: TBF
Associate Dean: Tuan Dang
Director of Division Operations: Susan Roselle
Art: Katrina Casprowiak
Communication Studies: Katherine Medbery-Oleson
English: Sean Allen
English Language Institute – International Business Programs & Community: Ivan Breen
Dev Ed/ESL: Nancy McEachran
Dev Ed/ABE/GED: Heidi Songstad
Interior Design: Daniel Beert
Music: Tom Almli
Philosophy: Russ Payne
Theatre Arts: Tammi Doyle
World Languages: Melissa Massie

Health Sciences, Education & Wellness Institute

Dean: Dr. Leslie Heizer-Newquist
Assistant Dean: Ray Butler
Division Director of Operations: Chelsie Hanks
Alcohol & Drug Counseling: Paul Weatherly
Allied Health: Dave Rex (Director)
Associate Degree NURS: Lisa Tedeschi
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Terry Hatcher
Early Childhood Education: W. Orcajo
Health & Physical Education: Ray Butler
Healthcare Informatics: Pam Charney
Life Science Informatics Center, Executive Director: Patricia Dombrowski
Neurodiagnostic Technologist (NDT): John Lott
Nuclear Medicine Technology: Jennifer Prekeges
Nursing Associate Dean: Dr. Suzanne Beltz
Parent Education: Lisa Allen
Physical Education/Health: Ray Butler
Radiation Imaging Science BAS: Maurya Radvilas
Radiation Therapy: Linda Schinman
Radiologic Technology: Kris L. Miller

Institute for Business & Information Technology

Dean: Jody Laflen
Assistant Dean: Sylvia Unwin
Division Director of Operations: Pavy Thao
Accounting: Anne Mary Nash-Haruna
Business Technology System (BTS): Suzanne Marks
Business Management: Suzanne Marks
Marketing Management: Kyle Barber
Digital Media Arts: Stephen Garrow
Information Systems, Network Services & Computing Systems: Sylvia Unwin

Science Division

Dean: Dr. Rob Viens
Assistant Dean: Kent Short
Division Director of Operations: April Wedman
Earth & Space Sciences: Kent Short
Engineering Sciences: Frank Lee
Life Sciences: Sue Nightingale
Mathematics: Jennifer Laveglia
Physical Sciences: Jennie Mayer
Science & Math Institute (SAMI): Dr. Jennie Pang
Molecular Biosciences: Jacqueline Drak

Social Science Division

Dean: Virginia Bridwell
Assistant Dean: Tony Tessandori
Division Director of Operations: Deanna Veyna
Accounting -Transfer/BA-Transfer: Judith Paquette
Criminal Justice: Charlene Freyberg
Anthropology: Anthony Tessandori
Economics: Chace Stiehl
Ethnic & Cultural Studies: Eric Davis
Geography: George Walker
History: Sabrina Sanchez
Political Science/International Studies: Tim Jones
Psychology: Deepti Karkhanis
Sociology: Denise Johnson

RISE Learning Institute

Dean, Undergraduate Research: TBF
Director, Center for Career Connections: Cheryl Vermilyea
Director, Rise Learning Institute: Michael Reese
Associate Director, Rise Learning Institute: Sapan Parekh
Associate Director, Center for Career Connections: Chiew Jones
Associate Director, Center for Career Connections: Fabienne Mouton
Associate Director, Center for Career Connections: Christina Sciabarra
Experiential Learning: Cheryl Vermilyea

Administrators & Faculty

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* PTF Affiliates prior to 2009

Adam, Renee T., Radiologic Technology
  A.A., Ferris State University
B.A., University of Michigan
Akhlaghi, Tony, Mathematics
  B.S., University of Washington
M.S., Western Washington University
Allen, Lisa Carey, Parent Education (Director) (Chair)
  B.S., Northwestern University, Illinois
Allen, Sean, English
  B.A., University of Washington
M.A., Seattle University
Almli, Thomas Christian, Music (Chair)
  B.A.E., Luther College, Iowa
*Alwar, Archana A., World Languages
  B.A., Business, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez P. R.
M.A., Spanish, University of Memphis, TN
Amaya, Henry, Multicultural Services, Assistant Director
  B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.B.A, University of Phoenix
Anderson, Carol L., Psychology
  B.A., University of Washington
M.A., University of Washington
M.S., Western Washington University
Anderson, Ethan M., English Language Institute
  B.A., M.A., University of Washington
Anderson, Jennifer L., Communication
  B.A., Arts in Speech Communication University
M.A., Arts in Speech Communication, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Ayears, Sonya G, Interim Assistant General Manager, KBCS Radio 91.3 FM
  B.A., University of North Carolina
Bangera, Mahalaxmi Gita, Dr., Interim Vice President
  B.S., University of Bombay, India
M.S., Carnegie-Mellon University, Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Washington State University
Banset, Rebecca A English Language Institute
  B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.A., Indiana University
Barber, Kyle C., Marketing Management
  M.A., University of Phoenix
Barge, Gayle Colston, Dr., Vice President, Institutional Advancement
  B.A., Minot State University
M.A., Seton Hall University
Ed.D., Pepperdine University
Bauer, Ryan W, Dr., Mathematics
  B.S., Southern Oregon University
Ph.D., University of Idaho
Beard, Russell, Vice President,
  Information Technology Services
Beert, Daniel C, Interior Design
  B.A., Northern Illinois University
M.A., Michigan State University
Bell, Chris, Associate Dean, Applied Baccalaureate Development
  B.A. Wesleyan University
M.A. & M.B.A. Claremont Graduate University
Beltz, Suzanne K., RN to BSN in Nursing (Chair)
  B.S., University of St. Francis
M.S., University of Minnesota
Ph.D., University of Texas
Benarcik, Peter M., Interior Design
  B.S., Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.
M.S., Art Center College of Design, California
Berkenfield, Catherine S., English
  B.A., University of Montana
M.A., University of New Mexico
*Berg, Carole A., Physical Sciences/Chemistry
  B.S., Washington State University
M.S., University of Washington
Bessho, Scott, Assistant Dean, English (Chair)
  B.A., University of Washington
M.A., California State University
Betageri, Subramanya K, Radiation Therapy
  Loma Linda University, Undergraduate Certificate
Bloomsburg, Peter, Dr., Mathematics
  B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Idaho
Breen, Ivan F, English Language Institute (Chair)
  B.A., Arts University of Washington, Seattle
M.A., Education Seattle University
Bridwell, Virginia R., Social Science (Dean)
  B.S, M.S., University of Alaska
Brissette, Marie A., Basic & Transitional Studies
  B.A., Pacific Lutheran University
M.E., Seattle University
Brown, Ross A., Art
  B.S., University of Indiana
M.A., University of Washington
Brunson, Mari, World Languages/Japanese
  M.A., Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
Burns, Laura L., English
  B.A., M.A., University of Washington
Butler, Raymond L., HSEWI Assistant Dean, Wellness Center Director, Physical Education/Health (Chair)
  B.S., Southeast Missouri State University
M.A., Maryville University of Saint Louis
*Buxton, M. Lee, Communications/Speech
  B.A., M.A., University of Washington, Seattle
Caraway, Dianne B., Nursing/Associate Degree Nursing
  B.S., University of Minnesota
M.S., University of Washington, Bothell
Carroll, Joyce, Associate Dean, Office of Instruction
  B.A., University of Washington, Bothell
M.A., University of Washington, Bothell
Campbell, Jean D’Arc K, Dean, Office of International Education & Global Initiatives
  B.A., Binghamton University
M.A., Binghamton University
Casprowiak, Katrina R., Art (Chair)
  B.A., M.A., University of Oregon
M.A. Sotheby’s Institute of Art London
Cassery, Brian G., History
  B.A. University of Limerick
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Washington
Charney, Pamela J., Healthcare Informatics (Chair)
  A.A., Mount Wachusett Community College
B.S., University of West Florida
M.S. (Nutritional Sciences), University of Washington
M.S. (Clinical Informatics), University of Washington
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Chavez, Ricardo R., Mathematics
  M.A., B.A., New Mexico State University
Chism, Teaessa D., Nursing
  B.S.N., Indiana University East
Chow, Yanyu, Business Administer Transfer.
  PHD, National University of Singapore.
Chung, Shana K., Healthcare Management & Leadership
  B.A., Harvard University
M.P.H., University of California
J.D., University of California, Hastings College of Law
Cory, Rebecca C., Dr., Associate Dean, Office of Instruction
  B.A., Miami University
M.Ed., James Madison University
Ph.D., Syracuse University
Crowder, Sarah G, . Physics.
  Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison.
*Cox, Susan L., Sociology
  B.S., Westmont College, California
M.A., University of Washington
Culpepper, Michael, Interior Design
  B.S., Mississippi State University
M.S., Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan
Dang, Tuan, Art & Humanities Division
  M.E., Oregon State University
M.Ed., Rangsit University
Davis, Eric C., Sociology (Chair)
  B.A., UCLA
M.A. Seattle University
Hayden, Heath R., Library Media Center
  B.A., Bennington College
M.S., Pratt Institute
M.A., University of Washington
*DeCaro, Patricia E., Art
  B.A., Temple University, Pennsylvania
M.F.A., University of Washington
Dombrowski, Patricia, Executive Director,
  Life Science Informatics Center
Doucette, Sonya M., Chemistry
  B.S., Penn State University
M.S., University of Washington
Ph. D., University of Washington
*Dougherty, Wilma, Library Media Center
  B.A., University of Northern Iowa
M.L.A., University of Washington
Doyle, Tammis E., Theatre Arts (Chair)
  B.A., University of California at Berkeley
M.F.A., University of Washington
Drak, E Jacqueline, Dr, Molecular Biosciences (Chair)
  B.A., Purdue University, Indiana
Ellinger, James V., Dr., Life Sciences/Biology
  B.A., Kalamazoo College, Michigan
M.A., Western Michigan University
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Estes, Tonya, Basic & Transitional Studies.
  B.A., Evergreen State College
M.A., Seattle Pacific University
Feavel, Paul T., Director, Institutional Advancement, Foundation Finances & Planned Giving
  B.A., B.A., University of Washington
Ferrante, Irene M., Marketing Management
  B.S., University of Arizona
M.B.A., Loyola University, Maryland
Fieser, Robert A., English Language Institute
  B.A., M.A., University of Washington
Fiorini, Gina S, Dr., Chemistry
  B.S., Cal Poly, California
Ph.D., University of Washington
Forough, M Reza, Reza, Biology
  Ph.D., George Washington University
Freeberg, Carl F., Business Intelligence
  B.A., San Diego State University
M.B., San Diego State University.
Freyberg, Charlene R., Administration of Criminal Justice (Chair)
  A.A., Spokane Falls Community College
B.A., Washington State University
M.S., Weber State University, Ogden, UT
Friedrich, Kurt L., BAS Information Systems & Technology
  B.S. Carnegie Mellon University
M.A., Northeastern University
Fuller, Jason L., Biology
  B.A., Western Washington University
M.A., Oregon State University
Gamble, Trevor, Physics
  B.S., University of Michigan – Flint
M.S., University of California Irvine
Ph.D., University of California Irvine
Garrow, Stephen P., Digital Media Arts (Chair)
  B.A., Ricker College, Maine
M.A., University of Arizona
M.F.A., State University of New York
Geiger, Weihong, Chinese
  M.S., Fukuoka Industrial University, Japan
Glover, Richard D., Chemistry
  Ph.D., University of Oregon
Gold, Melodye B., Dr., Biology
  A.B., Whitman College
M.S., University of Wisconsin
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles
Goldston, Brett, Physical Sciences/Chemistry
  B.S., Rhodes College, Tennessee
M.S., University of Washington
Gonlin, Nancy, Dr., Anthropology
  B.S., Juniata College, Pennsylvania
M.A., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Goodwin, David G, Diagnostic Ultrasound
  A.A., Western Wyoming College
B.S., M.E., University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Goss, Arthur F., Physical Sciences/Astronomy, Physics
  B.S., M.S., Wright State University, Ohio
Graham, Thomas Martin, Basic & Transitional Studies
  B.A., University of Minnesota
M.A., Seattle University
*Gronlund, Susan J., Mathematics
  B.A., Western Washington State College
M.S., Seattle University
Guyton, Robert M, Mathematics
  M.S., Baylor University
Hada, Kazumi, Director, International Student Programs
  B.A., Seattle University
Hagensen, Rebbecca L, English
  Language Institute
Hall, Rosemary F., Accounting
  B.S. Central Washington University
M.A. University of Washington, Bothell
Hanson, Michael, Dr., Life Sciences/Biology, Botany; Interdisciplinary Studies
  B.S., University of Nebraska
Ph.D., The Claremont Graduate School, California
Harada, Margaret, Dr., Arts & Humanities (Dean)
  B.A., University of New Mexico
M.A., California Polytechnic State University
Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Harazim, Elizabeth I L., English
  M.A., Portland State University
Harris, Lisa M., Database Administration
  B.A., University of Chicago
Hatcher, Terry G., DUTEC (Chair)
  A.A., Florence-Darlington Technical College
M.A., University of South Carolina
Hathaway, Kathleen D., Student Success
  B.A., University of Puget Sound
M.A., Pacific Lutheran University
Hatstat, Francis A, Business Management/Marketing Management
  B.A., University of Michigan
M.B.A., City University
J.D., Puget Sound School of Law
Hayes, Ariane S, Allied Health
  A.S., Washington Community and Technical College System
Haynes, Darrell R., English Language Institute
  M.A.T., Anaheim University
Heinrichs, Timothy J., Dr., History
  A.B., Harvard University
M.A., University of Utah
M.A., University of Washington
Ph.D., University of Washington
Heizer Newquist, Leslie, Dr., Health Sciences, Education & Wellness Institute (Dean)
  B.A., Western Washington University
Ph.D., Union Institute & University, Cincinnati
Helm, Rudolph C., Technical Support
  B.A., University of Washington
Hilliard, Aaron, Human Resources (Vice President)
  B.A., M.A. Central Michigan University
Hobbs, Robert D., Physical Sciences/Physics
  B.A., University of Colorado
M.S., Indiana University
Hoffman, Dale T., Mathematics
  B.A., Washington State University
M.S., University of Connecticut
Holden, Lela M,
  Associate Degree Nursing
Holland, Ronald W., English
  M.A., Seattle Pacific University
Hollerman, Elizabeth I., Digital Media Arts
  B.F.A., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
M.S., DePaul University
Hurst, Stephanie J., Communication Studies
  B.A., M.A., California State University at Long Beach
Irey, Sayumi, Dr., Equity & Pluralism; Ethnic & Cultural Studies
  A.A.S., Everett Community College
B.A., University of Washington
Ph. D., University of Washington
Irons-Dendy, Jean M, Nursing
  M.N., University of Washington
Iverson, William P., Dr., Computer Science
  B.A., B.S., Washington State University
Ph.D., University of Wyoming
Jackson, Glenn, High School Programs & CEO Director
  A.A.S, Bellevue College
B.A, Washington State University
M.A, Capella University, Minnesota
Jacobson, Danielle J, Mathematics
  B.A., M.A., Central Washington University
Jaeck, Alana, Counseling Center
  M.A., Seattle University
Jaswal, Faisal, Assistant Dean, Student Programs
  A.A., Bellevue College
Johnson, Andrew E., Business Management/Marketing Management
  B.A., University of Missouri
M.B.A., Oklahoma City University
Johnson, Denise, Sociology (Chair)
  B.A., University of Florida
M.A., University of Washington
Johnson, Dexter S., Executive Director,
  Physical Plant Operations
Jones, Naomi B., Biology
  B.S., Montana State University
M.S., Western Washington University
Jones, Timothy M., Political Science/ International Studies (Chair)
  B.A., Pitzer College, Claremont, CA
M.S., University of Washington
Ph.D. University of Washington
Juszynski, George E., Neurodiagnostic Technology
  B.A., Western Washington University
B.S., Illinois State University
Kang, Kyong U, Biology
  B.A., M.A., University of Washington
Karim, Ata U., Student Affairs (Vice President)
  B.S., M.S., Karachi University
MSIO, California State University-Long Beach
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Karkhanis, Deepti D., Psychology (Chair)
  M.A., George Mason University
Ph.D., George Mason University
Knight, Daniel W., Astronomy
  B.A., Wesleyan University
M.S, University of Washington
Kopp, David, English
  B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook
M.A., Northern Arizona University
Korolenko, Michael D., Communications
  B.A., Vassar College, New York
M.S., Boston University
Ku, Sunmi, Mathematics
  B.S., Kyung-Sung University, South Korea
M.S., Pusan National University, South Korea
M.S., Florida State University
Laflen, Judith H., Dean, IBIT
  M.A., University of Chicago
B.A., University of Colorado
Laney, Dena A., Business Technology Systems
  M.A., California State University
B.A., M.A., Florida State University
Lapointe, Lisa A., Library Media Center
  B.F.A., Marshall University
M.A., Louisiana State University
Laveglia, Jennifer L., Mathematics (Chair)
  B.S., Bowling Green State University, Ohio
M.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Le, Jennifer L., Sociology
  Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Lee, Frank E., Engineering Sciences (Chair)
  B.S., M.S.ME, University of Washington
Lee, Harlan, Counseling Center
  B.A., Glassboro State College, New Jersey
M.A., Arizona State University
M.Ed., Northern Arizona University
Lee, Thomas J., Network SVCS & Comp. Systems
  B.S., Eastern Washington University
Leighton, Gordon B., Dr., English
  B.A., Bates College, Maine
M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia
Lepeintre, Suzanne, English
  B.A., Lewis & Clark College
M.A.T., Ph.C., University of Washington
Lewis, Sajonna Marie I., Basic & Transitional Studies
  B.A., Seattle University
M.A., Seattle University
Li, Xiao, Business Administration – Transfer; Computer Science – Transfer
  B.S., University of California at Davis
M.S., California State University at Hayward
Lindman, Dale C., Art (Chair)
  B.A., M.A., St. Cloud State University
M.F.A., University of Washington
Liu, Li, Communication, Study Abroad Coordinator
  B.A., M.A., Yunnan University, China
Ph.D. University of Washington
Longpre, Nicole S., Library Media Center
  B.A., The Evergreen State College
M.L.S., University of Washington
Lott, John R., Neurodiagnostic Techonology (Chair)
  A.A., American Military University
Lozan, Sheila, Accounting Transfer
  B.A., Seattle University
M.A., University of Southern California
Lum, Leslie G., Business Administration Transfer; eCommerce
  B.F.A., M.S.W., University of British Columbia
M.B.A., Columbia University
Luzzi, Bethanne, Counseling Center
  B.A. Muhlenberg College
M.A., Seattle University
Ma, Christopher K., Executive Director, CE
  B.A. University of Washington
Ma, Nan, English
  B.A., M.A., University of Texas at Dallas
Ph.D., University of California Riverside
Maans, Elena, Library Media Center
  B.A., Dominican University
M.A., Dominican University
MacLean, Tracy B., Associate Director, Effectiveness & Strategic Planning
  M.S., University of Southern California
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Majury, Maureen, Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology (Director)
  B.A., M.Ed. University of Washington
Mangan, Richard Sinclair, American Sign Language
  B.A., University of Washington
Marks, Suzanne L., Business Technology Systems (Chair), Business/Marketing Management (Chair)
  B.A., Washington State University
Martel, Steven G., Counseling Center (Chair)
  A.A., Highline Community College
B.S., Psychology, Western Oregon University
M.A., Ph.D., Argosy University, Seattle
Martinez, Natalie A., English
  B.A., Westminster College
M.A., University of Washington
Ph.D., Arizona State University.
Massie, Melissa M., World Languages
  B.A., Linfield College, Oregon
M.A., Seattle University
Mauldin, Diane M., Biology
  B.A., M.Ed., University of Washington
Maulik, Mausumi, Mathematics
  B.S., Calcutta University, India
M.S. Garwhal University, India
Mayer, Jennie K, Physical Science (Chair)
  B.A., University of California
M.S., University of California
McClendon, Vivienne, Dr., Library Media Center (Dean)
  M.A., University of South Carolina – Columbia
Ph.D., University of Georgia
McEachran, Nancy Elizabeth, Basic & Transitional Studies (Chair).
  M.S., Eastern Washington University
M.A., Seattle Pacific University
McFarland, Gail A., Nuclear Medicine Technology
  B.A., Texas A&M University
M.A., Southern Methodist University
Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Meyer, Michael W., English, Interdisciplinary Studies
  B.A., Briar Cliff College, Iowa
M.A., Marquette University, Wisconsin
Meyer, Rika M.
Miguel, Donna, English
  B.A., Western Washington University
M.A., New Mexico State University
Mihaylova, Tatiana M.
Miller, Kristine L, Radiologic Technology (Chair)
  A.A., Bellevue College
B.A., Eastern Washington University
Nightingale, Susan M, Life Sciences (Chair)
  B.S., Occidental College, California
M.S., University of Washington
Minks, Ann K., Allied Health
  A.A.S., Edmonds Community College
Mitchell, Daniel D., Dr., Chemistry
  B.S., Ph.D., University of Washington
Muhlestein, Marci L., Occupational & Life Skills (Associate Dean) (Chair)
  B.S., University of Puget Sound
M.A., Seattle University
Murphy, Chelsea R., Nutrition
  B.S., M.S., Central Washington University
Nacke, Eric A., Basic & Transitional Studies.
  B.A., University of Oregon
M.A., Seattle Pacific University
Nash-Haruna, Anne-Mary, Accounting (Chair)
  M.S., Strayer University, VA
Nash, Mandie M., Mathematics
Nishioka, Belle, Counselor
  B.A., University of Puget Sound
M.A., Antioch University Seattle
Norling, Eva M., World Languages (Chair)
  B.A., University of Tübingen, Germany
M.A., Freiburg University, Germany
Nudelman, Laura Driscoll, Communication Studies
  B.A., University of the Pacific, California
M.A., San Diego State University
Oar, David J., Library Media Center
  B.A., University of Washington
M.A., University of Washington
Medbery-Oleson, Katherine E., Communication Studies (Chair)
  B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College
M.A., University of Washington
Orcajo, Wendy R, Early Childhood Education (Chair)
  B.A., Whittier College
M.A. CSU Los Angeles
Ph.D., Capella University
Orechia, Stella E., Health and Physical Education
  B.S., Brigham Young University
M.A., San Francisco State University
Otte, Richard L., Director, Digital Media Services
  B.A., Marquette University
Pang, Jennifer, Director, Science
  Ph.D., University of Washington
Paquette, Judith P., Accounting-Transfer & Business Administration-Transfer (Chair)
  B.S., California State University at Fresno
M.B.A., Golden Gate University, San Francisco
Park, Hyesu, English
  B.A., Sungkyunkwan University
M.A., University of Massachusetts Boston
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Passmore, John T., Interior Design
  B.F.A., University of Louisville
M.A., University of Washington
Pauley, Jean M., Basic & Transitional Studies
  B.S., Northern Kentucky University
M.S., Seattle University, Washington
*Paydar, Iraj, Dr., Political Science
  B.A., M.A., Western Washington University
Ph.D., University of Utah
Payne, William R., Dr., Philosophy (Chair)
  B.A., M.A., Arizona State University
Ph.D., University of California at Davis
Perez, Fernando L., English
  M.F.A., Arizona State University
*Phillips, Gayne E., Parent Education
  B.A., M.A., Washington State University
Pickering, Wendy W., English Language Institute
  B.A., California State University
M.A., Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
M.Ed., Seattle University
Pollock, Kimberly J., Ethnic & Cultural Studies (Chair)
  B.A., Shimer College, Illinois
M.A., University of Southwestern Louisiana
Prekeges, Jennifer L., Nuclear Medicine Technology (Chair)
  B.A., Whitman College
M.S., University of Washington
Pugh, Rose L., Mathematics
  B.S., M.S., Western Washington University
Radvilas, Maurya K., Bachelor of Radiation & Imaging Science (Chair)
  B.A.S., Bellevue College
M.H.A., University of Phoenix
Rawlings, Luke B, Mathematics
  B.S., Christian Brothers University
M.A., The City College of New York
Ph.D., Teachers College Columbia University
Reader, Aaron L, Multicultural Services (Director)
  B.A., St. Augustine’s College
M.A., Argosy University, Seattle
Reas, Rae Ellen, Dean, Enrollment & Registrar Services
  A.A. Edmonds Community College
B.A. University of Washington
M.A. Central Washington University
Rex, David J., Allied Health, Director (Chair)
  B.A., Central Washington University
A.A., Everett Community College
Robbings, Grace K., Economics
  B.A., M.A., Boston University, Massachusetts
Romppanen, Sharon, Early Childhood Education.
  M.A., Wheelock College
Shahla, Rowhanz, Library Media Center
  B.A., University of Tehran, Iran
M.S.L.S., University of Southern California
Rosenthal, Rachel L., Healthcare Promotion & Management
  B.A., Armstrong state University
M.A., Armstrong state University
Ph.D., University of Florida
Rowe, Donald W., .Accounting – Paraprofessional
  M.A., University of Washington
Ruiz, Melanie S., Financial Aid Director
  B.A., University of Washington
Saffin, Croix A., Dr., Sociology
  B.A., Ohio University
M.A. University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., Washington State University
Sampa, Saori, World Languages (Chair)
Sanchez, Sabrina M., History (Chair)
  B.A., University of California at Berkeley
M.A., University of California at Santa Cruz
Ph.D., University of California at San Cruz.
Schewe, Michelle T., Library Media Center
  M.S., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Schinman, Linda S., Radiation Therapy (Chair)
  A.A., Bellevue College
B.A.S., Bellevue College
Scott, Phillip, Physics
Segal, Aron P., Business Administration Transfer
  B.A., Seattle University
B.A., Beloit College. Beloit, Wisconsin
*Seiver, Jillene Grover, Dr., Psychology
  B.A., University of California at Davis
M.A., California State University at Sacramento
Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Sepehri, Saghar, Physics
  Ph.D., University of Washington
Serce, Fatma C., Computer Science (Transfer)
  B.S., Middle East Technical University Ankara/Turkey
M.S., Middle East Technical University Ankara/Turkey
Ph.D., Middle East Technical University Ankara/Turkey
Shelley, Christopher M., Dr., Chemistry
  B.S., Kings College
Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University
Short, Kent S., Earth & Space Sciences (Chair)
  B.A., University of California at Los Angeles
M.S., Oregon State University
*Shook, Caroline M., Mathematics
  B.A., Seattle University
Sisko, James R., Music
  B.A., M.A., Central Washington University
Slowinski, Mary T. Digital Media Arts IBIT (Chair)
  B.A., University of Washington
*Smolke, Vicki, Parent Education
  B.A., Idaho State University
Songstad, Heidi K., Adult Basic Education/GED (Chair)
  A.A.S., Shoreline Community College
B.A., University of Washington
M.A., Seattle University
Spataro, David L., Political Science
  B.A., University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D., City University of New York
Steinert-Eger, Kathleen M., Life Sciences/Biology, Environmental Science
  B.A., M.A., California State
University at Long Beach
Stiehl, Chace L., Dr., Economics (Chair)
  B.A., Westminster College of Salt Lake City, Utah
Ph.D., University of Utah
Stewart, Anne Matsumoto, World Languages
  M.A., University of Hawaii
M.A., Cornell University. NY
Storey, Mark C., Philosophy
  B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara
M.A., University of Washington
Strother, Jennifer, Executive Director, Finance & Auxiliary Services
  B.A., Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
M.A., University of Chicago
Su, Yu-Ting, Counseling Center
  B.S., M.S., National ChengChi University
M.S., Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington
Susanka, Larry, Dr., Mathematics
  B.S., University of Oregon
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Swanson, Amy M., Health & Physical Education
  B.S., Pacific Lutheran University
Szwaja-Franken, Jozef E., Spanish
  M.A., University of Wisconsin
Ph.D., University of California Irvine
Tedeschi, Lisa M., Nursing-Associate Degree, (Chair) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
  B.S., Southern Illinois University
M.S., Texas Woman’s University
Teel, Caleb E., Physics
  A.A.S., Bellevue College
B.S., University of Washington
M.S., University of Washington
Tessandori, Anthony S., Anthropology (Chair)
  B.S., California State Polytechnic University Pomona
M.A., California State University Fullerton
Torrence, James S., English
  B.A., University of Washington
M.A., Central Washington University
Townsend, Jennifer L., Mathematics
  M.S., George Institute of Technology
Turowski, Tabitha K., Psychology
  M.A., Ohio State University
B.A., Mira Costa College
Ph.D., Ohio State University.
Unti, Brandon, Economics
  B.A., Portland State University
M.A., University of Missouri
Unwin, Sylvia J., IBIT, Assistant Dean, Network Services & Computing Systems and Information Systems (Chair)
  B.A., Pomona College
M.S., West Coast University, California
Updegrove, Dana M., Mathematics
  B.S., Idaho State University
M.S., University of Tennessee
M.Div., Golden Gate Theological Seminary, California
Vaughan, Jonathan C., Art
  B.F.A., School of Visual Arts
M.A., University of The Arts
M.F.A., University of South Florida
Vermilyea, Cheryl A., Center for Career Connections & Women’s Center (Director); Experiential Learning
Viens, Robert J., Dr., Science (Dean)
  B.A., Cornell University, New York
M.S., Ph.D., University of Washington
Villines, Andria, Mathematics, Math Lab Director
  B.S., M.S., Western Washington University
Vukajlovich, Dana J., Oceanography
  B.S., California Institute of Technology
M.S., Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Walker, George C., Geography (Chair)
  B.A., Durham University, Durham, U.K.
M.Ed., Newcastle University, Newcastle, U.K.
Wanamaker, Dennis L, Dr., Psychology
  B.A., M.Ed., Central Washington University
Ed.D, Washington State University
Weatherly, Paul, ALDAC (Director) (Chair)
Weintraub, Cynthia S., English Language Institute
  M.S., Seattle University
B.A., Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, N.Y.
White, Chad A., Art
  B.A., University of New Mexico
M.A., Arizona State University
White, Jeffery R., English
  B.A., Evergreen State College
M.A., University of Washington
*White, Kathleen, English
  B.A., University of Washington
M.A., University of Houston
White, Raymond E., Vice President, Administrative Services
  M.A., City University of Seattle
*Witmer, Judith, Parent Education
  B.S., University of Colorado
Xu, Jun, English
  B.S., M.S., Yunnan University
Ph.D., M.A., Ph.D., University of Washington
Yarborough, Steven J., English
  B.A., Seattle Pacific University
M.A., Baylor University
Yoshino, Mark R., Physical Education
  B.A., Western Washington University
M.P.E., Pacific Lutheran University
Zupan, Sheere A., Radiologic Technology
  A.A., Presentation College/ St. Luke’s Hospital, South Dakota