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2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog

Center for High School Programs

College in the High School

Bellevue College in the High School (BCHS) is a state-approved concurrent enrollment program that offers students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit at the same time. BCHS courses are taught in the high schools by highly qualified teachers who have been approved by the college and work closely with BC Faculty Coordinators to ensure course content and rigor is equivalent to BC’s on-campus sections.

BC receives funds from the state to support the program, and BCHS is 100% free for students and families. There are no additional costs for books, transportation or student fees. Numerous national studies indicate that programs like BCHS increase students’ likelihood of attending and graduating from college, and the gains are especially marked for low-income students, students of color, and first-generation students.

BCHS operates under the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships standards. BC’s Academic Affairs office, in conjunction with Student Affairs and the Center for High School Programs, coordinates the program.

For more information, call (425) 564-2026 or visit bellevuecollege.edu/chs/.

Career Education Options (CEO)

The CEO Program is designed for students aged 16 – 20, without a high school diploma, to receive an education at Bellevue College (BC). CEO offers support for tuition, fees, books, school supplies, and bus passes while working towards a GED, High School Diploma, professional/technical associate degree, or transfer associate degree at BC. This program provides students with a second chance at their education and the tools necessary to succeed in the college environment. For more information call (425) 564-2026 or email at ceo@bellevuecollege.edu.

Language Integration Program (LIP)

The CEO Program provides the Language Integration Program (LIP). LIP is designed to help students who are English language learners work on academic English. LIP classes will cover writing, reading, critical thinking, and computer skills. When students are ready, they will continue on CEO Program classes and college courses within the CEO Program.

General Educational Development Certificate (GED)

The CEO Program provides GED prep classes to assist students pursuing a GED Certificate. The GED prep classes provide online study materials, practice tests, in-person engagement in a computer lab setting for independent studying, and in-person and online access to a teacher for guidance and goal building. Once students are ready to take on official GED testing, CEO provides assists with coordinating online or in-person testing for students’ official GED tests. The CEO GED prep classes are built to be repeated to allow students flexible time to complete a GED Certificate and are offered every quarter.

High School Diploma

The Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges has passed a bill, effective July 2009, expanding options for students to earn high school diplomas. The bill allows students who earn an associate degree at a Washington State community or technical college to request a high school diploma from the college. According to the State’s policy, Bellevue College may issue a high school diploma to students who complete an associate degree of any type if the student is 16 years old. For more information about this option, visit sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/programs-services/high-school-diploma/. To request a high school diploma, students must apply to the Evaluations/Graduation Office according to the graduation application deadline and pay the same non-refundable application fee.

The CEO Program also provides a youth high school completion pathway. We evaluate public or private high school transcripts to determine remaining Washington state graduation requirements. Students take college classes to meet the remaining graduation requirements. Once completed, students can request a high school diploma from Bellevue College.

Running Start

Running Start is a partnership between BC and local public high schools. Applications are accepted every quarter online at bellevuecollege.edu/runningstart/. To qualify, students must be classified as a junior or senior by the start of the quarter, attend a mandatory new student orientation, and demonstrate proficiency in college-level English reading and writing by placing in ENGL 101   through the BC assessment. Qualified students may attend college only or take classes at both the high school and the college. They earn high school and college credit simultaneously for college-level classes. Tuition is paid by the school district based on the combined high school and college credits the State will fund for each student with a limit of 1.2 FTE. The student is responsible for any tuition balance, fees, and books. For steps to enroll, e-mail chsprograms@bellevuecollege.edu or call (425) 564-2026.

Pacific NW College Credit

(formerly Tech Prep College Connections)

This is a dual-credit program that enables high school students to earn college credit for certain career and technical education courses taken at their high school. Any high school student may take a CTE Dual Credit course, but only those who successfully complete the course with a “B” grade or higher will earn the college credit. Students must register with our consortium, Pacific NW College Credit, online at pnwcollegecredit.org/. There is a $50 fee per school year.  Fee waivers are available for students that qualify.  Email our office at info@pnwcollegecredit.org  or call at 425-564-6060, for more information.