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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BUS 219 - Business of Film & Video Production

5 CR

Same as MEDIA 219.
Students develop a broad understanding of the Film and Television industries functions and explore ways to gain access to the industry. Students develop the knowledge and understanding to create their own production companies and bring their creative ideas and projects to fruition. Either BUS 219 or MEDIA 219 may be taken for credit, not both.

Recommended: Video production or film studies coursework.
Course Outcomes
  • Legal Structuring and Financing
  • Overview of Independent Filmmaking
  • Starting from scratch
  • Defining the Concept
  • Researching the Market
  • Market Research Among Distributors
The Production Package
  • Developing the Story and Screenplay
  • Acquiring an Existing Literary Property
  • Optioning the Property
  • Attaching Talent
  • Legal
  • Finding a Good Entertainment Attorney
Determining Budget
  • How to Create Budgets with Examples
  • Ideal Budget
  • Standard Budget
  • Low Budget
  • Four Rules
  • Money-Saving Tips
  • Negotiations
  • Insurance
Film Company Management Overview of Independent Financing
  • The Studios
  • Independent Production Companies
  • Distribution Guarantees
  • Negative Pickups
  • Grants for Independent Feature Production
  • Bank Loans
  • Foreign financing
  • Other Sources
  • Limited Partnerships
  • The Structure
  • The Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Investment Groups
  • Limitations
Selling the Investment
  • Selling the Investor
  • What Investors want to know
  • Presentations
  • How to make a successful presentation
  • The setting
  • The attitude
  • Presentation Structure
  • The Prospectus
  • Escrow Accounts
  • The Producer
  • Relationships, Agreements
  • Rights
  • Release Forms
  • Music rights
  • Copyrights
Distribution and Exhibition Finding Distributors
  • Introduction to Marketplace
  • The Theatrical Arena
  • The Distribution Pie
  • Four-Walling
  • The Distribution of Earnings
  • The Deals
  • Guarantees
  • Domination of the Market by the Major Studios
  • Foreign Theatrical Distribution
  • The Non-Theatrical Arena
  • Basic and Pay Cable Television
Shorts and Documentaries on the Movie Channels Interstitial Programming on the Movie Channels The Videocassette Marketplace Video Disks PBS Foreign Television Web Casting or Distribution on the Internet Contracts and Negotiations
  • Promotion
  • Paid Advertising
  • Publicity

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