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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BSUST 101 - Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices

5 CR

Exploration of sustainable business practices that manage resources, emphasize policies to minimally affect local and global environment, and create positive social environments. Topics cover energy systems and efficiencies, transportation, water usage, waste management and recycling, supply chain and product lifecycle management, and environmental corporate responsibilities and regulations.

Course Outcomes
Present the different definitions used for “sustainability” and “sustainable business practices” and compare them in terms of intended audience and purpose. Present and discuss the complexity and breadth of sustainable business practices, and their implications for business organizations as part of a larger ecosystem that includes environmental, societal and economic systems. Compare the effectiveness and assess the cost/benefit of various sustainable business strategies in selected industries – such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, high tech – and in small and large organizations. Present and compare strategies for resource and waste management, including energy systems and efficiencies, transportation reduction, water usage, and waste management and recycling. Present and compare strategies for sustainable supply chain management and product lifecycle management. Discuss corporate responsibilities and regulations as they relate to the environment. Present trends and issues in corporate sustainability and environment practices. Present the scope and application of the sustainability-related US and global certifications, including LEED. Develop strategies that enhance leadership and change management with an organization in order to promote the use of sustainable practices. Communicate complex ideas in simple terms to stakeholders and lay people with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Make a solid business and financial case for implementing sustainable business practices. Apply ethical frameworks to decision making in business practices

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