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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BSUST 120 - Survey of Energy Systems Management

5 CR

Explore and compare traditional and renewable energy systems, from efficiency, environment, socio-political and economic perspectives at the regional, US and global levels. Evaluate strategies for energy management in buildings, transportation and business operations. Topics include laws and regulations that govern energy sourcing, utilization and efficiency and their evolution over time.

Course Outcomes
Present the history and evolution of traditional and renewable energy systems Analyze U.S. and global energy markets and policy in traditional and alternative energy systems Discuss the emphasis societies and corporations place on the development, safeguarding and exploitation of energy resources Define and compare different renewable energy sources, including solar, geo-thermal, wind, biofuels, wave and tidal energy Discuss some of the technology and logistics constraints, including material sourcing, energy storage and distribution Present benefits of traditional versus renewable energy sources, long-term vs. short-term feasibility and strategic decision-making in energy generation and utilization Discuss economic, environment and socio-politics issues as they relate to energy generation and consumption Analyze and evaluate energy efficiency strategies in different sectors and for different applications, including buildings, transportation and business processes Explain how industries, markets and governments interact in term of renewable energy research and implementation Through scenario development, explore the future of energy generation and energy conservation and discuss how these trends could impact existing business practices

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