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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AHE 110 - Medical Terminology

5 CR

Previously HPRO 120.
Provides a comprehensive foundation of basic medical terminology for use in health care careers. Includes Greek and Latin word roots, prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, special endings, plural forms, abbreviations and symbols. Terminology emphasis on body structures, anatomical systems, pathologies, medical procedures, medical specialties, and common terms and abbreviations used in health care. Introduces concepts and application or reading, writing and interpreting common medical formats such as HPI and SOAP. Either HPRO 120 or AHE 110 may be taken for credit, but not both.

Course Outcomes
  • Utilize word roots, prefixes, suffixes and combining forms to build medical terms.
  • Explain medical abbreviations, signs, and symbols accurately.
  • Apply reading, writing, spelling and pronunciation of common terms for medical terminology.
  • Distinguish common medical terms in relation to anatomy, physiology, pathology, medical procedures, medical treatments, and diagnostic tests.
  • Interpret common medical formats of communication.
  • Apply properly and accurately constructed written medical formats.

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