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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BOTAN 110 - Introductory Plant Biology

6 CR

Presents basic concepts of plant biology for the non-major, focusing on the plant characteristics, unity and diversity, growth, and reproduction. Students discuss current ideas in agriculture, horticulture, medicine, biotechnology, ecology, conservation, and environmental issues. Laboratory work includes greenhouse and field studies.

Course Outcomes
  • Interpret results generated by using the methodology of scientific inquiry: observation, experimentation and data collection.
  • Compare and contrast the distinguishing classification features of the major plant taxa.
  • Summarize evidence supporting the theory of evolution with examples from the evolutionary trends of plants including the transition to a terrestrial environment.
  • Identify and explain the functional significance of differences in plant organ structure with regard to environmental influences.
  • List the characteristics of Earth’s biomes.
  • Describe the ecological, anatomical and morphological significance of species interactions and interrelationships in relation to seed and fruit dispersal and pollination.
  • Describe the diversity of plant foods and medicines used by humans.
  • Explain the role of sustainability issues in relation to energy and nutrient cycles, biodiversity and ecosystems.

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