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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DUTEC 130 - Small Parts with Vasculature Sonography

3 CR

Presents the anatomy and pathophysiology of small human body parts and the extracranial vasculature. Includes discussion of the Sonographer’s role in ultrasound-guided procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance into program or permission of program chair.

Course Outcomes
  • Identify appropriate measures to set up and maintain a sterile field when working in the operating room or in other sterile procedures
  • Articulate and recognize the normal anatomy of the small parts organs and vasculature
  • Classify the pathologic conditions associated with small parts and related vascular sonography
  • Examine necessary exam technique and protocol to evaluate abnormalities in small parts and related vascular sonography
  • Define basic ultrasound terminology and concepts including knobology, transducer orientation and manipulation, body cavities, patient positioning, scanning windows, mass characterization, and properties of echoes
  • Recognize and use sonographic terms, positions, and descriptions
  • Explore normal anatomy, ultrasound features, hemodynamics, and pathologic conditions associated with the extracranial vasculature

GenEd Outcomes: Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
GenEd Outcomes: Communication
  • Reading

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