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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DUTEC 200 - Stress, EKG and Auscultation for Echo

4 CR

This course covers cardiac electrical activity and the interpretation of electrocardiograms. Students will be introduced to cardiac stress testing procedures. Students also will learn to perform auscultation of the heart and take blood pressure readings.

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance into program, completion of DUTEC 155 .

Course Outcomes
  • Analyze ECG waves, rhythm strips, and measurements
  • Identify normal and abnormal rhythms on 12-lead ECG
  • Discuss electrophysiology procedures
  • Explain and contrast the clinical application of ECGs at rest and during stress
  • Compare cardiac stress testing using echocardiography and other imaging modalities
  • Demonstrate proficiency in technique and application of quantitative principles applied to echocardiographic images and flow data, as well as pharmacologic and exercise stress echocardiography
  • Perform blood pressure readings

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