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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DMA 292 - Internship in Digital Media Arts

5 CR

After securing an internship placement, students gain practical experience within a media production environment while setting learning goals and reflecting on their experience and work readiness. In special circumstances, projects may be approved for groups who are working with an approved client. Instructor permission required. Course is graded C/NC.

Recommended: DMA 201  and DMA 290 .
Course Outcomes
  • Identify viable career connections and act upon them
  • Describe a working media production environment
  • Articulate self-defined learning objectives
  • Describe obstacles to success and methods to overcome obstacles
  • Identify the benefits of professional networking
  • Describe their work-readiness and, if deemed insufficient, craft a plan to address shortcomings

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