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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog
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HD 120 - Learning Strategies for Student Success

1-5 CR

Develops skills that support successful college work. Students practice effective study techniques and learning strategies, and explore resources available on campus.

Recommended: placement in ENGL 89  or above.
Course Outcomes
  • Describe and implement specific ways to create a successful and satisfying experience in college that are congruent with you your cultural background, learning styles and unique life circumstances
  • Examine personal ideas and decisions regarding issues typically faced by college students that inhibit or promote college success.
  • Apply specific strategies to:
    • Communicate more effectively
    •  Manage time more efficiently
    •  Read textbooks with improved retention
    • Take effective notes
    • Improve on test-preparation and test-taking
    • Improve ability to recall information
    • Prioritize and set goals
    • Overcome procrastination


GenEd Outcomes: Connections
  • Self-Assessment/Life Goals

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