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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog
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JAPN& 122 - Japanese II

5 CR

Continues JAPN 121 . Continues to develop listening, speaking, and reading and writing skills of Japanese. Some basic kanji characters and relevant aspects of Japanese culture are introduced.

Prerequisite(s): JAPN 121  permission of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Learn 80-90 kanji characters
  • Recognize the distinctions between kanji characters and the characters of the two phonetic kana syllabaries and know how and when each should be used in modern Japanese
  • Read and write formal-style sentences about current, future and past states and activities using nominal, verbal and adjectival phrases with correct particles and tenses
  • Use and comprehend basic conversational phrases in more detailed personal interactions (such as talking about self and families, suggesting a plan of action, making requests, offering assistance, asking for and granting or denying permission, etc.)
  • Begin to use more complex verbal sentence structures, using TE-forms and Short forms
  • Begin to recognize and use the informal speech style (in present/future tense only) for casual conversations with close friends
  • Expand understanding of the effects of social context on the spoken language, which is reflected in the appropriate choices of vocabulary, grammatical forms and expressions

GenEd Outcomes: Communication
  • Listening and Speaking

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