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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog
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JAPN& 221 - Japanese IV

5 CR

Continuation of JAPN 123 . Students practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in integrated activities relating to a main theme. More kanji and relevant aspects of Japanese culture are introduced.

Prerequisite(s): JAPN 123  or permission of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Learn 50 additional kanji characters and related compound words
  • Know the multiple meanings and multiple pronunciations of each kanji character and their appropriate use
  • Read and write both informal and formal-style passages about current, future and past states and activities using more complex nominal, verbal and adjectival phrases with correct particles and tenses
  • Speak in and comprehend pre-intermediate level conversational situations (e.g. give two or more reasons, express one’s visual impression, describe an action one performs in advance / in preparation, etc.) and be able to use the appropriate ordinal numbers, generic and specific counters
  • Continue to use more compound sentence structures (such as relative verb clauses modifying nouns) and express various quantity and frequency expressions
  • Comprehend and be able to use a wider variety of vocabulary (nouns, verbs and adjectives) in their proper forms and verbal sentences (including potential forms, volitional forms and verbs of giving and receiving)
  • Continue to expand understanding of the effects of social context on the spoken language, which is reflected in the appropriate choices of vocabulary, grammatical forms and expressions
  • Recognize the correct formality and politeness levels required in common situations – including ‘in-group’ / ‘out-group’ distinctions

GenEd Outcomes: Communication
  • Listening and Speaking

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