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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DOSM 322 - Radiation Treatment Planning II

5 CR

Explores planning techniques for IMRT, SRS, and Special Procedures. Topics include Planning process, Isodose pattern assessment, SRS techniques, new delivery technologies, imaging and fusion, arc therapy, dMLC delivery, and special procedure calculations (TBI, and TSe-).

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance into the program.

Course Outcomes
  • Critically assess the photon isodose curves for IMRT and SRS treatment plans
  • Identify the means of MU computation by commercial treatment planning systems vs. independent MU verification systems.
  • Properly register an image series for purposes of treatment planning.
  • Demonstrate ability to employ different planning techniques to limit dose to critical structures.
  • Define the role of image guidance in IMRT and SRS procedures.
  • Discuss the differences between forward and inverse planned IMRT.
  • Identify the normalization method used within a treatment plan.
  • Describe the dosimetric concerns for treating TBI and TSe- cases.
  • Perform QA measures for an IMRT course of therapy.
  • Discuss the role of the medical Dosimetrist in special procedure treatment planning.

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