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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DMA 113 - Digital 3D Design

5 CR

This course introduces students to the foundational knowledge required to implement 3D digital assets in a production environment. Students will gain exposure to the elements and principles of design as it pertains to 3D digital spaces, as well as creating 3D digital sculptures. 

Prerequisite(s): DMA 100  - prerequisite or co-requisite.

Course Outcomes
  • Identify and apply the elements and principles of 3D design 
  • Use the tools and technologies associated with 3D Design 
  • Differentiate between 2D & 3D design elements and principles 
  • Explore and illustrate methods of presenting a 3D design 
  • Manage, store and retrieve visual assets using appropriate software 
  • compare and visualize traditional sculpture techniques to digital techniques. 
  • Express the 3D pipeline for the creation of a 3D model through a series of 3D sculptural projects 


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