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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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POLS 210 - Gender and Politics

5 CR

This class examines the relationship between gender and politics, political choices and civic action, with a focus on non-dominant groups. Some topics: Why are women underrepresented in legislatures across the globe? What happens when women run for political office? How has the transgender rights movement transformed political systems?

Course Outcomes
  • Critique patriarchy and analyze political processes that create gender inequality. 
  • Investigate and evaluate the history of gender and political participation. 
  • Apply core concepts from feminist theories, including women of color and intersectional feminist approaches, to one’s everyday life and to current political issues. 
  • Evaluate the impact of gender diversity in governmental and non-governmental institutions. 
  • Explain the significance of the transgender rights movement. 
  • Critically analyze and engage with proposals to end gender violence, inequality and underrepresentation in politics. 
  • Engage in critical self-reflection regarding gender and politics. 

GenEd Outcomes: Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
GenEd Outcomes: Connections
  • Cultural Diversity

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