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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog
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ACCT 301 - Intermediate Accounting I

5 CR

This class expands on topics covered in earlier accounting courses including principles of accounting. The course will review the accounting cycle including the preparation of financial statements; examine of accounting theory and standards; the statement of comprehensive income; the statement of cash flows; revenue recognition; current assets and liabilities; the time value of money.

Prerequisite(s): Admissions to the Applied Accounting, BAS and a GPA of C+(2.3) in each individual required ACCT course: ACCT 101  or ACCT 201  ,and ACCT 102   or ACCT 202 , and ACCT 234  or ACCT 203  

Course Outcomes
  • Understand underlying economic events  
  • Become fluent in accounting terminology 

  • Understand how to use accounting standards to map economic events into financial statements  

  • Understand the standard-setting process and incentives that influence it 

  • Use mathematical methods to calculate and record the time value of money 

  • Become aware of the discretion and judgment inherent in choosing accounting estimates and disclosures. 

  • Apply ethical decision-making.  


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