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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interior Studies, AA

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The Associate of Arts in Interior Studies is a two-year degree open to anyone interested in a career in interior design. Graduates have found employment in sales, customer service, or professional support. The degree also forms the foundation for entry into the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design  program.

Learning Outcomes

Degree recipients should possess the skills & abilities described below:

  • Apply creative, critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills in all phases of the design process
  • Apply design fundamentals, theories and concepts to interior design problems
  • Apply knowledge of history in art, architecture, and interior design to contemporary design problems
  • Apply the design process to interior design problems, including design programming, schematics and design development
  • Produce competent contract documents including coordinated drawings, schedules and specifications
  • Communicate information, both oral and written, in a clear, concise and well organized manner
  • Use manual and computer-aided drafting skills to create accurate, measured drawings
  • Select and effectively integrate a range of presentation skills, including drawing, sketching, lettering, perspective, rendering, and model building, using appropriate media, colors and techniques
  • Apply knowledge of interior finishes and materials for appropriate selection, specification, installation and maintenance to interior designs
  • Demonstrate the attitudes, traits, and values of professional responsibility, accountability, and effectiveness within the context of interior design process and practice

Total Core Coursework: 70

NOTE: Students must earn a C- or better in Interior Design core courses listed above.

General Education

Natural Science: 5 CR

Take ENVS 100  or choose a course with a lab component from AAS-DTA transfer list:

Cultural Diversity Requirement: 5 CR

Choose a course from a list at www.bellevuecollege.edu/programs/degrees/culturaldiversity/ (also see About Bellevue College )

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning: 5 CR

Choose a course from the following selection:

Art History: 5 CR

*Students planning to pursue the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design, please note, the BAA degree requires completion of ART 203  and one of the other art history courses from the Art History list.

Choose a course from the following selection:

Total General Education: 25

Grand Total: 95

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