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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science, Track II: Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Engineering, AS

Important Notes and Conditions

  • Total 90 Applicable College Level Credits
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA 2.0 Required
  • A course cannot be credited toward more than one distribution or skill area
  • The Ɨ numbers below are shared (cross listed) courses with other departments. These courses can count only once for credit [Example: PHIL 201  is same as POLS 201  and may only count as PHIL or POLS] Consult course description in the college catalog or speak with an advisor.
  • “P” grade is only allowed in electives area. Check with your intended transfer university for minimum grade requirements
  • Universities may have other specific admission requirements in addition to those of the transfer degree.



Humanities and Social Sciences: 15 CR

Minimum 5 credits each in the Humanities and Social Sciences area plus 5 additional credits in either area. Maximum 5 credits can be a performance/skills course (indicated by *).


Students cannot apply more than 5 credits of a foreign language at 100-level to Humanities distribution.

Choose from the following:



Social Sciences:

Choose from the following:


Physics Sequence: 15-18 CR

Three quarter sequence should be taken at one institution (either completed at BC or transferred in as a whole three quarter sequence). If not, see science advisor at the Science Division.

Select one of the following sequences based on major requirements:

Most physical and science majors require Physics with calculus (PHYS 121 , PHYS 122  and PHYS 123 ) – See advisor.

Chemistry with Lab: 5-6 CR

See course catalog and/or consult with science advisor

Engineering majors: select CHEM 161  (required)

Others should select 5-6 credits of science based on major program.

Additional Mathematics: 5 CR

Choose from the following:

Electives: Sufficient Credits to Meet a Minimum Degree Total of 90

Maximum 5 credits of restricted elective courses.

Courses should be planned with a science advisor (strongly recommended) based on the requirements of your major and the university to which you intend to transfer.

For a complete listing of approved electives, see Associate in Arts & Sciences-Degree at: .

Cultural Diversity Requirement

This degree has a set of BC General Education requirements including Cultural Diversity. Please choose one course to meet the Cultural Diversity Requirement. For approved courses visit

Academic Advising

Engineering Department: (425) 564-2321,