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2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BSUST 260 - Product Lifecycle and Supply Chain Management

5 CR

Study of principles, functions and objectives of green and sustainable product lifecycle and supply chain management in various industries. Topics include: product design, standards and labeling; purchasing, contracts and supplier programs; outsourcing; manufacturing processes; material sourcing; waste management; resource and energy management; inventory management; transportation and distribution; and overall operations.

Recommended: BSUST 160  and one from BSUST 120 , BSUST 130  or BSUST 150 .
Course Outcomes
Define “green” lifecycle for products and services, and give examples for specific industries Present concepts, functions, processes, and objectives of “green” logistics and supply chain management activities Assess the factors that contribute to the environmental impact of moving raw materials, inventory and finished goods Analyze specific supply chain management processes from the perspective of sustainability in diverse industries Identify and assess all the stages of lifecycle for specific products and processes from a sustainability perspective Present the current and evolving thinking regarding product lifecycle and supply chain management, and how this impacts business processes Debate various strategies to integrating green supply chain practices across the supply chain network Develop benchmarks and strategies to monitor performance of sustainability programs Present strategies that promote sustainability with suppliers and contractors Present manufacturing and service operation strategies that promote sustainable development in local, regional and global environments

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