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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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OLS 179 - Controversial Issues in the Workplace

2 CR

Examines controversial issues in the workplace such as gender or racial discrimination, the ADA, harassment, sweatshops, and unions, through case studies, related court cases, laws, and current news stories. Course is graded Credit/No Credit.

Prerequisite(s): OLS 170 , OLS 171 , and OLS 172 .

Course Outcomes
  • Identify and discuss major controversial issues in the workplace: discrimination, harassment, unions, adequate/equal pay, child labor laws, benefits, occupational safety, the ADA, etc.
  • Summarize the laws related to you in the workplace.
  • Identify and discuss where protection can be found in the Constitution, federal laws, and state laws.
  • Identify and discuss the difference between discrimination and discipline.
  • Discuss disability disclosure laws and regulations.
  • Compare and contrast controversial issues.
  • Create a personal plan for self-advocacy in relation to controversial situations.
  • Identify and discuss discrimination in the media.
  • Describe an event in the media regarding discrimination and discuss the outcomes.

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